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All You Need To Know While Getting Car Insurance Online


Whenever you buy a new vehicle, whether a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, does your dealer offer you a vehicle insurance policy? Most dealers do offer a policy best suited to your requirements.

But, have you renewed the same cover or taken a new one? You might have thought that it is just a waste of precious money, after all, you drive safely avoiding the risk of accidents.

However, to clarify, you need to know that motor insurance is compulsory in India for all vehicles that ply on road. These include new and second-hand or used vehicles also. So, if you do not have any vehicle insurance policy, kindly avail it!

Motor or car insurance covers the cost of any damage to or theft of your vehicle. The damage may occur due to earthquake, cyclone, flood, fire, accident, leakage of lubrication oil etc. It also includes the cover for any third-party liability that may arise if you are an at-fault driver during a road accident. The premiums on the motor insurance policy generally depend on your age, past driving record, type of vehicle and your profession. The premium payable on two-wheeler is mostly nominal as compared to four-wheeler.

Since it is compulsory to avail insurance policy on your vehicle; you need to now think whether an online motor insurance policy would be feasible to take. As with any other online insurance policies, there are several advantages that come up with an online policy like price comparison to suit your financial requirement etc.

An online motor insurance is the best deal in today’s fast-paced world. With the increasing number of road accidents every year and the poor-quality roads in India, it is best to go for a speedy process that is guaranteed by online motor insurance.

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There are several reasons of why an online motor insurance policy will be the best to choose:

1. Easy comparison:

If you go for online portals to select the insurance policy for your vehicle, it will enable you to compare the quotes offered by different insurers and make the best decision suited to your requirements.

You do not need to remain constrained due to less suitable options or visit several insurers to get quotes as everything is now available online.

2. Cost-effective and reliable:

When you decide to make your own decision based on your online research, it is completely reliable and saves the cost of any broker or middlemen. A new broker may not even have the suitable experience or knowledge and in such a case, it is very likely to get duped with a less feasible motor or car insurance policy for your requirements.

3. Comprehensive cover:

With just one click, you can now avail a comprehensive policy for your new car. This covers the damage to your vehicle due to fire, accident, earthquake, flood, ignition problem etc. It also covers the damage to third-party property or the bodily injury done in case of an unfortunate accident.

All these covers are also available separately. So, if you have an old car or a second-hand vehicle, you can also opt for just the third-party liability cover as against that comprehensive online policy, thus reducing the premium cost as well.

4. Add-on covers:

You may have availed an insurance policy manually with the help of a broker but if you need certain add-on covers, an online path is the easiest option that you should consider. Different insurers offer different add-on covers with varying costs. So, you need to decide on the specific covers that you require.

The various add-on cover policies include cover for depreciation. This means that whenever a part of your vehicle gets damaged, the base motor or car insurance policy pays its cost minus the depreciation. But, with a depreciation cover, the whole amount stands payable.

A no-claims bonus protection and certain special add-ons for the engine of your vehicle can also be availed as add-on covers. All these covers enable you to get the extra benefits with just some extra premium payable on them.

In case of a car breakdown in the middle of a highway, who will stop to help you? Who will take their precious few hours, breaking their journey and offer you help with your stranded vehicle? It is best to have the facility of roadside assistance in such cases. There are several services that insurers offer in such unforeseen circumstances like your vehicle can be towed down to the required destination. These also include jump start assistance and puncture replacement facilities. Opt for these so that you do not get stuck anywhere in between your journey.

5. Timely renewal reminder:

An online motor or car insurance policy comes up with the most effective reminder facility whenever your insurance policy needs to be renewed. This is important as motor insurance is compulsory in our country and you may not want to break the rules and face legal charges just because you forgot to renew the policy at the right time.

So, in case you need the most feasible security cover for your vehicle and wish to have a hassle-free experience, you can now choose to avail an online motor insurance policy.

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