How many times has this happened that you got extremely worried about the excessive time that you spend on Instagram when you checked your activity log at the end of the day?

Wouldn’t it help if it notified you when you should take some time away from it? Well, get ready for Instagram’s new ‘take a break’ feature as the company has finally addressed your concern.

instagram take a break

Instagram’s Take A Break Feature

After receiving flaks for being the platform that deteriorates the mental health of people and affects their productivity, Instagram has decided to launch this feature to alert people when they spend too much time on the app.

The wellbeing of young people is important to us, and we’re focused on ensuring that the time spent on Instagram is intentional and people feel good about it,” said Natasha Jog, Instagram’s Public Policy Manager.

Instagram has collaborated with ‘We The Young’ to launch this feature here through a campaign named ‘Break Zaroori hai’. This campaign would help create awareness about this feature and its importance.

The app would also mention a few expert-backed tips to help you take time off the app. These include things like ‘write down what you’re thinking’, ‘listen to your favorite song’, etc.

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Long-Awaited Feature

Instagram had been receiving endless criticism about how it’s harming the mental health of youngsters. It is the platform’s small effort in changing the scrolling habit of youth. A pop-up notification brings a person back to real life from their phones, albeit they may eventually end up going back to it after a few minutes.

You can activate this by visiting the settings on your app and setting a time limit after which you would receive the reminder.

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