Agree To Disagree With IIM Indore’s Retorica?

Today’s motion: THBT Parents should have the right to impose their religious identities upon their children.

Parents should indeed have the right to impose their religious identities on their children, i.e. those of age below 18. By “parents” we refer to sane people and not those deemed mentally unfit by global judicial and medical standards.


For one, it is their parents who take all decisions for them before they turn 18. So what? This rule and modus operandi exists because children are considered immature and gullible before they turn 18. Also, their parents are more experienced, and have seen some part of the world, at least, in their lives.

Also, by religions, we do not refer to the restrictive dogmas followed by fanatics and the ilk, rather we talk of the religion that would exist in its purest form if it was passed down as learning. This passing down would allow for a more tolerant and thoughtful preponderance of religion rather than the heretic ideologies that the world must see today. People view some religions as militant, but if children are taught the correct version of their religion, its history and what it stands for, then maybe there will be lesser ignorance and misuse of religion to explain madness, as is being done today.

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