Aditya Khurana, a 22-year-old from India bested over 20 other contestants to win the 4th Edition of the ‘Man of the World’ pageant held on Saturday, June 18 at Baguio Convention Center in Baguio City, Philippines.

The runners-up were Vladimir Grand of Ukraine, Nadim El-Zein of the Philippines, Tjardo Vollema of the Netherlands, and Nguyen Huu Anh of Vietnam. 

Korea’s Jin Kyu Kim relinquished his reign at the end of the event by crowning Aditya Khurana, the new successor to the throne. 

Aditya Khurana, an Indian, was born and raised in Pune, Maharashtra in a middle-class family. Apart from being the now ‘Man of the World’, he’s an actor, singer, model, and content creator that is also now India’s next heartthrob.

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During the question and answer segment, Aditya was asked to respond to a quote from Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai “With guns, you can kill terrorists, with the education you can kill terrorism.” 

“If you have the true knowledge of whom to follow and whom not to, that is where education will lead you to. If you get the knowledge of whom to follow and whom not to, you will never get into terrorism,” he said.

“Terrorism is nothing but just a mindset which has gone in the wrong way. You missed the self-belief, you go in a different way. Believe in yourself, choose your path wisely, and yes, do have education before you choose it,” he added.

His response to the question was lauded for its witty approach that eventually got him victory. It was the first time for India to win an international male competition of such magnitude. 

‘Man of the World’ is organised by a reputed Manila-based Prime Event Productions Philippines (PEPPS) Foundation, which also mounts the annual Misters of Filipinas competition.

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