The recent Delhi acid attack has left many people shocked and horrified. The incident went viral because of a video clip where a Class 12 girl from West Delhi’s Dwarka area was on her way to school when a man reportedly called Sachin Arora flung acid on her leaving her screaming and currently undergoing treatment at the Safdarjung Hospital.

Arora apparently lived in her neighbourhood and had been planning the attack since some time after they had a falling out in September with two of his friends Harshit Aggarwal (19) and Virender Singh (22).

According to reports, Harshit drove the bike, Virender took Sachin’s phone to another location to throw off suspicion and Sachin carried out the attack. As of now, the 3 were arrested within a day and during the investigation reports came out of how Sachin bought the acid online on Flipkart.

This has brought light once again to the easy availability of a product that has been used in such inhumane attacks on innocent people. And now it’s not just the corner shops under fire, but also all these e-commerce platforms that are making it even easier to buy such items.

DCW’s Notice To Amazon, Flipkart

In light of the information that the acid was bought online, the Delhi Commission for Women has sent in notices to both Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart inquiring how such dangerous items are so easily available on their sites.

The notice wrote that “The Commission has learnt that the accused person had bought acid through the online shopping portal ‘Flipkart’. The Commission has also learnt that acid is easily available on leading online shopping platforms such as ‘Amazon’ and ‘Flipkart’ which is illegal.”

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In their notice, the DCW stated that “Please inform the reason for the availability of acid on the e-shopping platform. Please provide complete details of the sellers who have placed acid as a ‘product’ on your platform.”

The notice in total asked 9 questions and points of information from the e-commerce platforms, them being:

  1. Please inform the reason for availability of acid on the e-shopping platform.
  2. Please provide complete details of sellers who have placed ‘acid’ as a product on your platform.
  3. Whether license of the seller was checked before posting the acid product on the online platform? If not, please provide reasons for the same.
  4. Whether photo ids of those purchasing acid online were sought? If yes, please provide a complete list of the purchasers along with their photo ids. If no, please provide reasons for the same.
  5. Please provide a copy of the license obtained by the platform for selling acid online.
  6. Please provide a copy of the policy adopted by the platform regarding sale of government regulated products online. If there is no policy, please provide reason for the same.
  7. Please inform the steps taken for removing restricted items including acid from the online portal.
  8. Please provide details of persons responsible for allowing sale of acid on the portal along with details of action taken against them.
  9. Detailed action taken report in the matter.

DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal also commented that “The acid which was used to attack the 17-year-old girl in Delhi was ordered from Flipkart. Amazon is also selling acids. Imagine how easy it is to buy acid for anybody. Press the button and get home delivery of acid.”

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