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A Perfect Reply To Nawaz Sharif On His UNGA Speech: Hum Kya Yahan Pagal Baithe Hai? 




With that green tie, black suit, golden specs, shiny forehead and irrational mind, Nawaz Sharif rocked, surprised and mocked the UNGA with his speech. A speech so well formed that he should be the 2nd person to be given a Nobel Peace Prize for delivering a speech (1st being Obama).

Following are a few paras of the crap said by Wazir-e-Alam of Pakistan, and my befitting reply to him:

“Turmoil is intensifying in the Middle East. International efforts to defeat Daesh are therefore urgent. For this, it is essential to reconcile the divergent objectives and priorities of regional and external powers.”

Before talking about ISIS why don’t you have a look inside your own hut. You talk about defeating ISIS, but what about Taliban, Jammat e Islam, Lashkar, Zarb-e-Azb, Al-Qaeda, etc, which are still actively being nurtured within the territory of the Islamic State of Pakistan.


“After decades of strong growth, the world economy has reached a plateau. Despite this adverse international economic environment, my government has, in three short years, moved the country towards robust growth.”

Growth? Dafuq? You have a total debt of 72978 million USD at present. You represent 0.44% of the world economy. Your average growth rate went from some 5% to some 4%. What a robust growth. Clearly, vocabulary is not one of your fortes.


“Pakistan wants peace with India. I have gone the extra mile to achieve this, repeatedly offering a dialogue to address all outstanding issues.

But India has posed unacceptable preconditions to engage in a dialogue. Let us be clear: talks are no favor to Pakistan. Talks are in the interest of both countries. They are essential to resolve our differences, especially the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, and to avert the danger of any escalation.”

If your extra mile means committing ceasefire then let it be. India being a preacher of democracy has posed such dictatorial preconditions to Pakistan. Pre conditions such as “No involvement of Separatists in talks” and “Pakistan should not engage in talks with separatists (who are potential terrorists)”

And what kind of resolution Pakistan wants is beyond my understanding. I know it’s hard but I have to hand it down to you: Kashmir has never been Pakistan’s.

Did it hurt? It should.


“Burhan Wani, the young leader murdered by Indian forces, has emerged as the symbol of the latest Kashmiri Intifada, a popular and peaceful freedom movement, led by Kashmiris, young and old, men and women, armed only with an undying faith in the legitimacy of their cause, and a hunger for freedom in their hearts.”

If by peaceful you mean shooting army personals, then you seriously need to get your degrees rectified once. Burwan Wani was a militant, a separatist, a terrorist indeed. Gulp this fact and live your life freely in Pakistan. (Sorry, freely and Pakistan are antonyms)


“Pakistan fully supports the demand of the Kashmiri people for self-determination, as promised to them by several Security Council resolutions. Their struggle is a legitimate one for liberation from alien occupation.”

Pakistan first needs to fully or even partially support the demands of its own people. Thousands of human rights violations happen in Lahore and Islamabad but all Pakistan is able to see is Kashmir, which is in India. What ya smokin’ mate?


“Today, from this rostrum, I would also like to reiterate our offer to India to enter into a serious and sustained dialogue for the peaceful resolution of all outstanding disputes, especially Jammu and Kashmir.”

What a subtle way to say that you weren’t serious earlier. Well done Nawaz, very Shareef.


“Judged on the basis of objective criteria, and without discrimination, Pakistan is fully eligible for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group.”

Aur hum toh yha Ch*tiya Baithe hai na


“Pakistan has a vital stake in ending conflicts, fostering peace, fighting terrorism, strengthening democracy, promoting human rights, generating global growth and overcoming the challenges of environmental degradation.”

So many typos in his speech. It should be: Pakistan has a vital stake in NOT ending conflicts, NOT fostering peace, NOT fighting terrorism, NOT strengthening democracy, NOT promoting human right, NOT generating global growth and NOT overcoming challenges of environmental degradation.


Thank You, Mr. President”

No. Thank you for shutting the hell up.


In conclusion I would like to say that ignorance is the best way to avoid an altercation but when it comes to International disputes, it is not. Pakistan could either accept its fate or wait for some one else to make them realize the truth.

That’s all I got from Nawaz Sharif’s UNGA speech.

Speech taken from: Hindustan Times.

Image Source: DNA India

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Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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