Neel Kamal is a banker by profession, a flutist, a painter and a staunch believer in individuality. His parent’s professional love for painting, reading and music has given Neel, the most relishing experience by finding love and God in Words, Music and Painting.

Neel’s latest book ‘BABRUVAHANA‘ is a mesmerizing tale from 3152 BC. Vast lands of Bharatkanda in possession. Yet, the desire to conquer new lands has not died down. Battle for survival and battle between ideals were rampant. Amidst such upheaval, destiny has its own play. Destiny brought those two lives together. A man of valour, wielder of divine weapons, and a man of courage, unyielding to tyranny. Their paths have to cross each other. Memory fades, but never the truth. Truth can be concealed, but cannot be wiped out. Truth bridges together their destinies.

Join the journey of Babruvahana. The journey intensified with Love and the battles, varied emotions and tough choices. And unravel the camouflaged mysteries yourself.

A reader might be skeptical at first about what the Author is going to say about a character that didn’t have much space like other characters in Mahabharat. But, as the book started with a war sequence, It dramatically pulls you towards it. Because everything about the character and the developments have been left unexplained and leave us with enough curiosity to move forward. 

Then, the second parallel happens, completely different from the war sequence. So, subconsciously, the reader will try very hard from the core of his intelligence to make a connection between the two. As the war sequence introduced characters, one would glue their mind and heart to them. For suppose, you attached yourself to the character of Rasikri. Every character from today’s society can be reflected in this book. For example, one would find affiliation to Suprasena in the emotion of friendship, Gyanvitarna in Art,Chitrangadha in motherhood.      

Even the lavish elucidation of different characters like Karna, Goddess Kali, Bheem, Arjuna, Lord Shiva have been detailed very well and one can imagine the enormity of their grace. And lastly, we must not spoil the suspense, as, the parallels are so elegantly drawn into each other like two rivers merges into the Ocean.

There are not many flaws in the book. The use of vocabulary conveyed the right emotions. However, the pace slows down during the middle of the book. Yet, you feel that the explanation was necessary to build the story to reach the unbelievable ending that the author has emulated. So, if you want to emulate something in your life, this book will be the right choice. We give the ratings 4 .5/ 5. It’s a must read book.

Neel Kamal’s first book ‘My Souls Whisper of Genre Poetry’, revelled with philosophical insight and artistic inclination covering the various subjects of life.

Neel presently lives in Hyderabad happily with his wife Preetisha Krotha.


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