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9 Reasons Why I love Yo Yo Honey Singh



It’s the 9 reasons why I love Yo Yo Honey Singh! These are completely my views. I am sure no one would have expected such a post ever in his or her lifetime. He’s like King Khan; you hate him, you love him, but you really just can’t ignore him. He grew to fame only about a couple of years back when his album International Villager was on every person’s playlist. (Well, almost!) Now with his second album out and a countless other songs in Bollywood, he is now the most sought after music producer and singer. When he produces every third song in today’s Bollywood Industry, there has to be something he is doing right, and here are the reasons why I personally love him and his songs.







  1. He’s actually a music graduate from the Trinity School of Music in England.

It is one the most prestigious music school’s in the world and anyone who is a part of that, definitely has my respect.

HS 9

  1.   2. His music is catchy and it makes you dance your worries away.

Whether it is his lyrics in his song, Chaar Bottle Vodka or his rap in the song, Breakup Party, you can relate to both the    songs equally well. Also, no matter where you are, in your car, a club, your house, a wedding, your feet and head are banging to those songs!


HS 7     3. He has a song for every possible occasion.

Be it a hangover due to binge drinking last night or you met a really nice girl yesterday or better yet, you have an office romance going on, Honey Singh literally has a song for every possible occasion!


  1. Driving in maddening traffic in India almost seems bearable with his songs blasting in your car.

Anyone who lives in any metropolitan area knows very well how maddening the traffic situation can get during peak hours. The only saviour during our time in our car is our radio, which believe it or not, plays Honey Singh songs on a loop.


HS 11  

  1.   He is proud to be Desi and tells people to love Desi Girls.

He could be singing in English and be an international pop icon, (in our minds, he already is) but he sings his song in his native languages, Punjabi and Hindi. He also tells us to love the Desi girls in his song Brown Rang. (Yay!). Who couldn’t love this guy?

HS 1

  1.  His songs are very relatable.

Most of the time his songs don’t even make any sense whatsoever, however when he is rapping, you share his pain, his soul is open to you and you truly connect with a guy who is basically talking about having a Party with a Bhootnath (Ghost).

HS 3


  1. He is an amazing dancer.

Not only is he a music producer, singer and actor but he is also an incredible dancer. His videos of Blue Eyes and Love Dose are an incredible testimony to that. (Hallelujah!)

HS 4

  1. He doesn’t let his haters get to him.

The media, the people, the critics and most importantly all the other rival singers are out to get him. But he keeps his cool and passes nothing but good wishes to them in his songs and his real life. (Song Courtesy: Stardom)

  1. He has his own Television Show.

He is encouraging of new talent, on his reality show, “Raw Star”. He gives opportunities to people to learn and cultivate their talents and wants a wholesome music industry in today’s day and age.


HS 5

Are you still looking for reasons to love him? Look no further. Hear his new album Desi Kalakar and be blown away.

PS – My dad also loves him!

PPS –Even though the pictures are misleading from the topic, I really do like the guy!



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