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8 Times Garfield Was Me & I Was Garfield


Ok, so I know that we don’t need any introduction to the character of Garfield. This little cat has been a part of my childhood, adolescence and still continues to bring me joy even till now.

After having gone though such a long period with this cartoon character, I have begun to see certain elements which are also a part of my personality.

Now, before you all get terrified that I’m apparently comparing myself to a cartoon character, I would say it’s a very normal thing to do, and you do know that almost every such character has been inspired from somewhere.

So… anyways, even if it might be strange, I don’t care.

Therefore, here are some situations where I truly was able to connect with the character of Garfield:

  1. When He Hated Mondays:

Oh my god… this was the moment, I just fell in love with this character. I hate Mondays and well… after office, I just hate the entire week. But that is an issue for another time. But.. I could never understand how someone could be so chipper on a Monday morning. And Garfield’s one sentence really made me feel not so alone anymore.

  1. When He was Just Done:

Oh my… I feel the same little buddy. Whether it was his utter exhaustion with Jon or trying to escape the energizer puppy Oddie. That face of his was always something I could empathize with.


  1. When He Loved Lasagna:

Ok, I actually tried lasagna because of Garfield. I had heard so much about this dish, that I had to give it a shot. And man, there is nothing better than this one dish… Lasagna lover right here.

  1. When He Gave the Perfect Responses:

Oh man, the times I have quoted Garfield to people I didn’t like, or people I wanted to put in their place is innumerable. That deadpan expression coupled with those responses always gave me new material.

  1. When He didn’t let Anything Stop Him from Getting to His Food:

Ahhh… another interesting thing. It wasn’t so much about the food but I was able to connect to his utter determination to getting what he wanted. It gave me that boost I needed to go after my own goals.

  1. When He didn’t Like Cryptic Language:

Like Garfield I am a straightforward person and I just hate it, when people use cryptic language and don’t say what is on their mind. His dislike of such language is something I can understand very well.

  1. When He Couldn’t Stand Oddie but Couldn’t Live without Him too:

Ok, we all have that one or two people who just bug the hell out of us, but at the same time we cannot imagine a time they are not there. Most of the time, that category is filled by your sibling or sometimes a close childhood friend. Garfield’s relationship with Oddie reminded me a lot of my sibling too.

  1. His Loyalty to Jon:

No matter how much he might love to bring his master down a peg or two. But no one can deny that Jon has a special place in Garfield’s heart. Jon and Oddie are his family and family is something that is important to me too.

Chirali Sharma
Weird. Bookworm. Coffee lover. Fandom expert. Queen of procrastination and as all things go, I'll probably be late to my own funeral. Also, if you're looking for sugar-coated words of happiness and joy in here or my attitude, then stop right there. Raw, direct and brash I am.



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