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The Stages When Your Friends are Fans of Rival Teams & You Get Dragged Into it


Ok, so as someone who is not that into sports except maybe watch the occasional India vs. Pakistan cricket match. Which, well…its more of a mandatory thing.

You just don’t miss them.

At all.

But apart from them I’m not a big sports fan, I mean, if its on I might watch it, but I’m not a crazy fan who will go into in-depth discussions about favourite teams or players and all.

However that does not mean I don’t have friends who are that level of… well to put it lightly, enthusiastic about certain sports, like football, basketball or even kabadi.

Till here everything is fine and dandy, no worriers. I can take on their passion during the sports seasons, some can have really neurotic tendencies and well sports and superstitions go hand in hand. So get ready for smell jerseys and the bowl of chips in just that one area where it was when their favourite team won.

The real trouble comes in when you have two or more friends who are fans of wait for it….rival teams. Oh my god, there is nothing worse than having friends who bat for opposing teams and being in the middle of it all. One I can handle, but two or more!!! The lord save me.

So, if anyone gets what I’m saying then you will certainly get the following stages that occur when they get together or are in the same room even:

  1. Finding Out:

This will happen in just an instant. You wont even know when it happens. Perhaps an innocent conversation takes a turn to sports or sometimes not even that. And suddenly its out there. Your two friends realize that they have this wall between them. And everything just falls apart after that.

  1. Intense Debating:

Now, this is another stage you will go through if you have friends like that. They will spend the entire time trying to bring the other person around to their side. Convince them that their team is better. Oh, you will never see them debating this heatedly even when finals are there. But when it comes to teams, they suddenly have this wealth of knowledge, from statistics, to backgrounds, to their players accomplishments and more.


  1. Name- Calling:

The ascent from just debating to name calling is quite fast I have to say. One minute they are still all a little polite, just discussing but suddenly the name calling starts. You can still sit back and enjoy it, because well its always fun to watch your two friends make idiots out of them. But yeah, the name calling will just spring up on you, no warnings.


  1. Bring You in the Middle:

This is the most difficult part. And your friends can be extremely cunning and manipulating s**** when asking you to choose sides. One second you are just calmly sitting there enjoying the display, and the next they set their eyes on you. Pouncing with agility and demanding you to take a side. They will use everything they’ve got to blackmail you and use emotional trigger to take their side. But remember stay strong and stay neutral is to be your motto in this.


  1. You have to be the Mediator:

Now, like when you mother jumps in when you and your sibling take your fighting to the next level. You too have to the same thing.  Be a mother, be a mediator, take your pick. But on no point should you choose sides. Just bring the intensity down, that is your only role here.


  1. Ignoring:

Oh… you thought it was over huh? Nope. Not even close. After you have mediated, there will be massive amounts of pouting, sulking and ignoring. Not just between the two fighting, but they will ignore you too. And sometimes, they will  join hands to ignore you collectively. Saying you don’t understand the passion as they do.


And thus ends a very intense and high on emotion evening. But the truth is, even this just endears your friends to you even more. You might want to tear your hair out sometimes in frustration. But it is still not something you would give up.

I hope, I was able to incorporate everything. If I missed anything, do leave it in the comments below.

Chirali Sharma
Weird. Bookworm. Coffee lover. Fandom expert. Queen of procrastination and as all things go, I'll probably be late to my own funeral. Also, if you're looking for sugar-coated words of happiness and joy in here or my attitude, then stop right there. Raw, direct and brash I am.


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