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8 Songs In Foreign Languages You Must Listen To (Videos)


Music although significant in my life, for a long time I remained confined to more mainstream music. I never thought of venturing into music from different cultures.

But I was proven highly wrong when I came across the delightful Disney movie Ratatouille. I completely fell in love with the song ‘Le Festine’ by Camille which comes in the end of the movie, and the weird part is that I didn’t even realise that I could not understand a single word of it.

Alas, that was not the end of my bubble.

The long time coming epiphany came to me when I came across the music of the 2015 Tamil movie I(ai) by famous South-Indian director Shankar and the music was created by none other than internationally acclaimed A.R. Rahman.

Seriously, it was when I heard the songs from this film that I finally understood that music, for me at least, transcends language and culture. And that epiphany led to me writing this article because there is great and amazing music yet still left unexplored.

So below are the 8 songs in foreign languages that you must give a chance to and who knows it might open a whole new world for you all.

1. Again- YUI:

I came across this song when a friend of mine recommended it to me for this article. I am always a bit skeptical towards new songs and this was no exception, but I was really impressed by the song and the voice of the singer.

Although there is no such video of the song but you can find a video form of it in the introduction of the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood an anime series. The video to that is really good and the song compliments the video spectacularly.

YouTube Link:


2. Catch Me- TVXQ:

 I came across this song when I watched this video of You-tubers React to K- Pop #2 and I must say I was impressed.

This song is by a South Korean boy band called TVXQ which basically stands for Tong Vfang Xien Qi. Their name roughly translates to “Rising Gods of the East”. Initially, a five-member group, in 2010 after some internal conflict and legal issues three of the band members left the group and now it only consists of the duo of Yunho and Changmin.

The best part of the song is the video and the cinematography. The whole video moves at a very fast pace and it’s very invigorating, to say the least. You might not be able to understand the lyrics, but the song and video will still be a treat for your eyes.

YouTube Link:


3. Dernière Danse- Indila:

Oh wow, this song is just so powerful. I came across this song accidentally while searching for another French song and well, the reason I chose to listen to this song is sort of silly but I just thought Indilla sort of sounds like India, so why not give it try and  I was impressed. This girl can sing. I mean really sing.

And when I researched the meaning of the song for my article, I came to know that the song is about racism and living in a foreign country.

The whole song including the video is very powerful and brilliant. There might not be a whole lot of special effects used in the video, but there is a quite simplicity that is very powerful and creates an impact.

YouTube Link:


4. Die Eier Von Satan- Tool:

One of my friends is a big fan of this band and requested that I give this song a chance. On listening to this song, I thought that it’s just another industrial metal rock including obvious subjects like Satan or death and all but I have to say I don’t know if there’s a song that has the power to fool someone to such an extent. As if the sounds of the industrial press isn’t enough to create a panicky and frenzied environment, it feels as if you’re listening to a Nazi rant.

Do you want to know what the song really is about? The song is…a recipe for egg-less cookies!!! I know, right? That’s truly amazing! The fact that it fooled so many people is just beyond comprehension. I have to say that I was impressed by their creativity and their sense of humour. Good one guys.

Although I have not magically transformed into a metal rock lover but this song is definitely an exception and I felt it deserved a place in this list.

YouTube Link:


5. Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo Cowshed Glastonbury 2011 – Raghu Dixit:

This song was introduced to me in the recommended section of YouTube. Raghu Dixit is quickly climbing the proverbial ladder of fame and well, I can certainly see why people cannot stop raving about him.

The song is quick and upbeat and really catchy. The tune is fun and light and you might have a small smile on your face when listening to this song. It’s definitely a feel-good song.

Even though I didn’t understand one word of it I still enjoyed listening to it.

YouTube Link:

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6. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi- Coralie Clement:

This has been a personal favourite of mine for quite some time. Whenever I want to just forget my surrounding for some time I listen to this song.

Again, can’t understand a word but the tune and voice of the singer are so hypnotic it literally transcends you to an old-fashioned French bistro where you are lounging with a book in your hand and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Just relax and not a care in the world.

YouTube Link:


7.La Bamba- Richie Valens:

If the above song transcended you to a French bistro, this song, on the other hand, will take you to the streets of Mexico with all its high energy and colorful culture. You can’t help but move your hips to the beat of it.

This is a 1958 adaptation of the original by Richi Valens. You have to listen to it. It will lift your soul and keep you in a high spirit all day. I promise.

YouTube Link:

8. Blood Sweat & Tears- BTS:

BTS or Bangtan Boys are the newest K-Pop sensation and after watching this MV I can definitely understand why that is so.

Seriously… I am not even going to say anything about this and just ask you to click on the play button.

The sets, the choreography, the voices of the artists, the storyline, practically everything about this MV is perfect. And once you check this out, pretty sure you will be compelled to listen to some of their other songs too.

YouTube Link:

Again, all these songs are ones that I can’t understand their lyrics, but they are so well performed that you don’t even care that you can’t understand them. You are lost in the beats and the sounds. And I think that’s what we all need to understand.

The world is a big place and sometimes we get comfortable in our own nooks and crannies, I think every once in a while we should come out and explore this huge place.

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