Preparations for Christmas begin almost 2-3 weeks before the actual festival. The malls, street stores, and homes start their decorations with lights, bells, wreaths and all things red and green are up, keeping the festive season alive. And let’s not forget Christmas trees. 

While most people opt for the ordinary, green pine Xmas trees, there are others who love to make a statement with some unique out-of-the-world idea. People have come up with trees made out of tissues, old clothes, steel, fairy lights, paper, and even wires. 

Last year, ITC Grand Central, Mumbai saw a Xmass tree made out of face masks, to remind everyone how important it is to wear a mask at all times.

Just like this, social media came up with several such unique Christmas tree ideas that left us love-struck, including Kylie Jenner’s massive indoor tree.

Kylie Jenner’s massive indoor tree

Getting into the holiday spirit this year can be a little tough, but with a winter drink and some holiday treats, anything can be done. Adding to this, here are the world’s most beautiful, downright unbelievable Christmas trees, all decked up to shine bright this holiday season. 

A Tree Out Of Legos

A thing we didn’t know about Legos is that the company every year builds a tree completely with—yes, you guessed it right—LEGOS!! It takes around 13,195 bricks and 3,456 LED lights to construct a 32 feet tree. This beauty is built in Melbourne. 

The Singing Tree

The Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree turns out to be a long-lasting tradition in America. It’s a 67-foot tall tree that has 275 choir members across 15 tiers decorated with 25,000 lights. There are actual people up there singing like angels. How cool is that!!

A Tree Made With Kegs Of Beer

It’s a jolly Christmas for the people at Genesee Brewery. They have a tree that features kegs of beer; around 428 half barrels stand strong to make up a 26 feet tall tree. All my beer-loving friends, please gather here. 

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Pac-Man Christmas Tree

Anyone who loves video games is going to absolutely love this tree. The tree lights up with one of the best games, Pac-Man. It’s in Madrid, Spain. The only way to enjoy this would be if visitors could actually play the game on the tree (if only). 

A Tree Out Of Lobster Traps 

This tree can be seen outside Fox’s Lobster House in the US. And it’s made out of nothing other than the tool that makes their signature food possible, which makes a lot of sense now. Do not miss the hilarious buoy ornaments that are hanging from the traps. 

Floating Tree 

If you were ever to pass by the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the holiday season, this tree is surely going to catch your attention. It’s a 280 feet tall tree that floats on water. It is currently on the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest floating tree.

A Tree For Cycling Enthusiasts

This epic tree is in Rotorua, New Zealand. People there believe that this helps to grow the reputation of the city. The tree is made up of more than 150 old bikes, making it a must-visit destination for cyclists.

There are many more such unusual Christmas trees, make sure to visit these at least once in your lifetime. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. 

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Sources: Home Designing, House Beautiful, +More 

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