Harry Potter is probably the most famous character of the 21st century.  While the books are filled with a myriad of characters, some of whom will forever be etched in the history of fiction literature, one cannot help but notice that some are quite underrated characters.

Maybe, just maybe, Rowling could’ve given a little more importance to some characters considering the profound influence they’ve had on the turnout of events?

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So, here’s presenting to you a list of people who could’ve done with a little more limelight.

1. Fleur Delacour

She might seem to be nothing more than an apparent airhead and that is what where the problem lies. But well, she’s more than that. The true nature of her spirit is shown when she fiercely insists on marrying Bill Weasley even after he’s brutally scarred by the bite of werewolves. Wish there was more of that Fleur in the books!

2. Narcissa Malfoy

This woman needs no introduction to a true Potterhead. In fact, every Potterhead ever will also be eternally grateful to her. Had it not been for her declaring Harry ‘dead’ at the end of the Battle of Hogwarts, we’d all have lost our beloved hero to Voldemort. However, throughout all the books except the last two, this woman has always been in the shadows. It is much later that we came to know Narcissa is #mothergoals.

3. Horace Slughorn

He made his appearance only from the sixth book onward. But he was pivotal in the sixth book. Had it not been for his “memory” or his Felix Felicis, neither Harry nor Dumbledore could ever get to know that the exact number of Horcruxes made by Voldemort was SEVEN. Unfortunately, Slughorn is almost always projected as a narcissist who loves to cozy up to people in power.

4. Kreacher

A lot has been said about Dobby. But nobody so much as spares a second thought to Kreacher, not even the films. The characters in the book have a derogatory attitude towards him which is probably the reason which led the wizards to ignore the fact that he’s the secret keeper of Grimmauld Place. And indirectly, Sirius’ death.

5. Augusta Longbottom

Most people won’t even recognise her by this name. Augusta Longbottom happens to be Neville’s grandmother. Augusta is a woman of true mettle as is often proven by Neville’s indirect references to his grandmother’s words about his parents, throughout the books. In the absence of his parents, Augusta has been completely responsible for shaping up the confident, brave Neville we get to see towards the end.

6. Firenze

Remember the handsome centaur from the first movie? Had it not been for Firenze, Harry’s journey would’ve stopped in the Philosopher’s Stone itself. All thanks to Firenze, 11-year-old Harry was rescued from the clutches of (weakened) Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest. This and other acts of kindness cost Firenze dearly as he was abandoned by his fellow centaurs. Firenze is again mentioned in the later books but in a not-so-significant way.

7. Petunia Dursley

You may hate her, you may despise her but you cannot ignore the fact that she was responsible for Harry living through the summers unscathed until he was 17 years of age. Protected by Lily’s bond of love around Petunia’s house, Voldemort was the last thing Harry had to worry about as long as he was within the boundaries of his aunt’s house.

Do let us know in the comments section below if you do/do not agree to this list. Also, let us know if you feel that there should be some other names on this list. Do not forget to share this with and tag all your Potterhead as well as Muggle friends!

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