Making a good trailer is not easy, it might not seem like much, it is just a 2 or 2.5-minute video after all, and should basically give a brief synopsis of the film.

But that is not what all it is all about and for some time now, I have seen a plethora of badly made trailers filled with unoriginal and overdone scenes fitted in together to a song from an upcoming singer.

The trailer to Bareilly Ki Barfi is here and while I might have had my concerns with the film earlier, the trailer is much better than I expected.

But genuinely, the trailer is much much better than I had expected and it definitely makes me eager to watch the movie when it comes out.

Overall, the trailer works on many different level, and I will say it right-away that the best part about it is how down to earth and original it looks. A fun, light and colourful trailer that just watching it puts you in a good mood.

No unnecessary shots of the leads crying, intense background music or people running in the street.

You don’t know how much I was dreading another one of those done-to-death shots. But thankfully, they stayed away from all these clichéd points and instead give a very light-hearted trailer that makes you laugh out loud.

Here are a couple of things I noticed in the trailer that caught my attention and intrigued me further:

1. Bromance Between Ayushmann And Rajkumar’s Characters:

I know the actual romance is with Kriti’s character, however, it is very seldom that the guy characters have such great chemistry with each other.

During the trailer, one thing that pulled me in was the chemistry and ease that Ayushmann and Rajkumar shared and it resulted in some very interesting dynamics between the two, which in turn made their scenes even more interesting to watch.

2. Kriti Seems To Be In Her Element:

A quirky trailer with a quirky lead makes for a good combination. Kriti Sanon has impressed me a bit in the trailer. This could be because she seems to be quite comfortable on screen and does the masti bandi part very nicely.

The fact that her character is also shown interested in break dance is another plus point here.

3. Songs That Will Enter The Shaadi List:

While we are still awaiting the official release of the songs, from the brief glimpse we get in the trailer, the songs seem just like the movie.

Light, fun and perfect to dance to during shaadi season.

Pretty sure a couple of this movie’s songs will find their way to the shaadi list and will be played on repeat.

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4. The Characters:

The characters, especially Kriti, Ayushmann, and Rajkumar seem to be ground level desi without overdoing the desi part.

Confusing, I know. But allow me to explain it a bit. You see in a couple of movies now, I have seen this trend of focusing on the small towns of India, in order to appeal to the masses. But in doing that, many directors and actors go a bit too overboard and the result is their characters comes across as not relatable and trying too hard to be ‘desi’.

That does not seem to be the case here.

One funny part would be Rajkumar’s transition from a meek sari shop boy to the … well, you will have to see the trailer to see what he turns to.

5. U.P. Quirks Captured Perfectly:

The last but not the least point would that the trailer and hopefully, the film too perfectly captures some U.P. quirks that we cannot help but watch on loop. Here are a few of them:

Bareilly Ki Barfi trailer

From the rooftops to the girl break dancing to even those 3 boys in the distance just leering to their heart’s content, it all screams U.P.

A typical question that is typical to not just U.P. but Indian men.

This scene is so typical to U.P. I mean who has not experienced this at least once. And I do include males too who have gone shopping with their family.

Aahhh yes, the perfect and biting comeback while still looking humble and soft is something only U.P. people are capable of.

How can we forget this.

This is hilarious and true for not just U.P. but the entire country.

All in all, I definitely do not think that I wasted almost 3 minutes of my life and would definitely rewatch it just for the feel good vibe of it.

Image Credits: YouTube and MakeAGiph

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