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5 Things You Did Not Know About Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler– The name itself is synonymous to all the atrocious crimes he has committed. Multiple studies, research, and investigations have been carried out to unearth the truth behind this one man but in the process of revelation, born were myths that have been around for so long that now are seen as truth.

Here are 5 myths about Adolf Hitler that are untrue and just a figment of our imagination.

1. Hitler did not commit suicide instead, escaped to Argentina! Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan in their book write that the skull recovered from the bunker had received a gunshot to the head but testing the skull revealed that it was of a girl and not a man.

Hitler lived in Argentina for 17 years in hiding. But no evidence was found in Argentina nor could he be traced. Hence, an untrue story.

2. Hitler hated the Jews. Absolutely untrue! There were various Jews living in Nazi Germany that were actually on good terms with Hitler personally. It is widely believed that Hitler hated Jews because a Jewish doctor refused to treat his mother. The reality is obviously different. Hitler praised the doctor who treated his mother and even helped him migrate to America in 1940.


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3. Hitler wanted the Second World War to happen. He wanted containment of the Jews in entire Europe and most importantly, friendship with Britain.

When Germany invaded Belgium it was only to exterminate the Jewish population but Belgium decided to go at war with Germany and Britain had to declare war too since Belgium was its protectorate.

Proof- Hitler’s letters to his army officials during this time.


4. Hitler was an atheist. A man who committed numerous heinous crimes must’ve asked for forgiveness. He often made references to God and spoke in terms of a Divinity in his speeches, especially in the Nuremberg rallies.

He was somebody who could clearly make the connection between Divine law and Natural laws. In his book Mein Kamph, Hitler states his allegiance to the Catholic Church.


5. The most ridiculous myth relating to Hitler is that he had just one testicle. Hitler’s doctor who had looked at every inch of the Fuhrer never mentioned any such deformity in his diary. Medical records too speak of no such thing.


A man who captured more than half of Europe in a few years and ran his empire from a bunker definitely had his own secrets, some revealed and some still unknown. Whatever was the truth of this man is surely not yet fully known.

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