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5 best things you can gift your parents!!


Silhouettes of parents with baby, vector Did it ever happen that you got the perfect dress a day before your birthday without even asking for it? Did it ever happen that your uniform was pressed before you shouted off for it in the morning from the bathroom? Did it ever happen that you got your dinner before you screamed your lungs out with an empty stomach? Did it ever happen that you shouted at your parents because you had a bad day and they calmed you down? Soo what do we do in return? We always think it’s their responsibility that they are fulfilling but we owe them a lot more than we think we really do. So here is a list of both material and emotional things that will definitely make your parents happy!! First Salary: salary-teaser Howsoever filmy and dramatic it may sound your first salary is the perfect thing that will make your parents happy and emotional at the same time. Go ahead and tell your parents that you owe all of it to them!!   P.S.-Even if your first salary is as little as Rs 100, they will definitely appreciate it.   Wedding Video: vhs-video-tapes-standalone Yesss, your parents definitely have one and haven’t seen it for long. It might be lying in some corner of the house. Find it, wipe off all the dust and get them to watch it. They will simply love it!   Modernize: Image   Are your parents carrying the same old boring handset? Then help them get a new one, help them modernize! Give them all the information about the latest gadgets and help them buy the best one. Did they not guide and support you while you were making career decisions. So help them show off too!   Make their day: Make There Day Is it your mom’s birthday and you don’t have enough pocket money to buy her a gift? So what, give her a day’s rest! That’s good enough! And do that happily… Tell your dad you trust him and that he is your role model. These little acts of yours will make their day and yours too!! Time and Smile: 4275 Mom just messaged me on whatsapp- “Dinner is Ready” Does that happen with you too? Well, today the youth has no time to spend with their parents. And all credit goes to our dear whatsapp and facebook!! Come out of your ‘social life’ and give your parents the most precious thing you can- Your TIME!! And don’t forget to look and smile at them atleast once a day !!   But Remember…Doing all of it isn’t a necessity, we owe it to them, don’t we? Go on then…Feel the joy and spread the same!! Happy Gifting!!



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