Welcome to the game of observation. Don’t pull out your IQ card just yet. The learning curve of baccarat is more of a straight line.

You‘re not pressured to make any tough decisions. Don’t worry about brain-busting strategies, and there’s no need to fume at the poor decisions players have made.

In baccarat (bac-ca-ra), the “t” is silent like the steady gameplay will be. Change things up a bit with the highest minimum and maximum spreads found at any casino. Starting will be easy. Here are four reasons why.

1. Higher Odds for Success and Relaxation

The relaxing atmosphere of baccarat is not only ideal for keeping your cool, it’s also the perfect atmosphere for learning. Consider a welcoming house edge that sits well into 1.06 percent in the long haul. This puts us at ease.

Just factor in the roulette house edge of 5 percent and above. Blackjack’s edge is 1.7 percent if you have any luck counting cards.

2. You Can Turn the Tables on the Casino

Turn the tables and literally become the dealer.

There are eight decks in a baccarat shoe that’s also known as the “bank.” The bank gets shared among the players, and everyone gets a turn at being the dealer.

For every hand the dealer wins, they remain in that position. This only changes when they lose the bets put on them, which doesn’t actually mean that they’ve lost any money.

3. There Are Fewer Variations to Remember

Nine is the highest point value that a player can receive. Face cards and tens count as zeros. The first two cards dealt provide a sum based on the difference of the two values given.

Getting two and seven will end in a total of five for that hand. You can ask for a third card if you like. A “natural” is a bonus and occurs when your first cards dealt equal eight or a nine.

You can master this game in a “heart” beat for one simple reason: no one alters the deck after the game goes into play. No one’s decision will alter how the cards are played.


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4. You Don’t Have to Go “All-In”

Your hand is not the only betting option. Any pair of cards dealt at the table is open game. Bet on who’s going to win, whether it’s you or someone else.

This gives you a quick glimpse into why the odds stack up a bit higher in your favor. You don’t have to go “all in” on yourself. Choose a player, the bank, or a tie between the player and the bank.

Watch These Cards of Fate

The popularity of baccarat booms in Asian culture. This has to do with beliefs tied into the idea of fate.

The deck of this game won’t change back and forth throughout the decisions that players make. Once the eight decks shuffle and are cut, the fate of the following hands is sealed. Talk about taking the weight off of your chest.

Take your time, because time is all you need to master this table game. Practice observation, and start learning more. You’ll find educated tutorials about baccarat that are easy to follow. Learn more now to start winning and varying the options you have.

Image Credits: Google Images and Flickr by Nicolás Sanguinetti

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