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4 Great Games Your Kids Will Love in Winter


It wouldn’t be Fall in Canada without cold weather that we all try so hard to desperately avoid; and although we have had above-seasonal temperatures lately, colder days are on the horizon. 

This means that it is time to start thinking about indoor activities to keep your kids occupied on those days where it is too cold to go outside.

Luckily, with just a few keystrokes on your keyboard and the click of a button, your kids can get access to hours of entertainment through free online games designed for kids. Here are a few games that your kids will absolutely love:

Juicy Drop DJ Dropz

DJ Dropz is dropping a mix and as the player you have to catch all of the notes at the right time. This Juicy Drop DJ Dropz game, which is similar to the GUitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution games, is all about timing and quick reactions.

Your goal is to build up your high score and keep the beat going as you hit the colour coded notes as they reach the bottom of  your screen. This is a fun game with great tunes that any child can just pick up and play. 

Bazooka Joe Fish 

The classic bubble gum character Bazooka Joe is going on a fishing trip and needs your kid’s help to gather his supplies and catch as many fish as he can. Bazooka Joe Fish is a game similar to the classic Frogger games in that the player needs to traverse a treacherous path in order to reach a goal or accomplish a mission. 

Time is short though. You only have 90 seconds to get your fishing gear and catch as many fish as possible in order to get a high score. How many fish can your child catch? 

Push Pop Pinball 

Who doesn’t love a good pinball game? It is so simple that anyone can easily pick it up and it never gets boring because every run is different. Push Pop Pinball is a sleek, modern and colourful take on the classic pinball game. 

The great thing about this version is that it is perfectly optimized for mobile, so you can have one child playing on a laptop or tablet and another playing on a smartphone. (Disclaimer: please ignore the score in the screenshot above. 140 was not my high score in this run). 

Señor Sour’s Candy Adventure Builder 

Sometimes the most fun a kid can have is during those moments where they let their creativity run wild. Señor Sour’s Candy Adventure Builder is a game that allows kids to get their creative juices flowing in order to build levels to play. 

This is a side scrolling game similar to classic 2-D Super Mario games, but with the addition of a level builder. Your child can place obstacles, hazards and collectibles to build their level, and when they are done, they can publish it so that other players can play it. 

These are just 4 great games to pull out on those cold dreary days that keep kids indoors. Turn these games on for your kids to keep them busy and entertained for hours. I would suggest starting with Bazooka Joe Fish and then working through the rest. Happy gaming! 

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