Skincare is perhaps even more important and essential than any makeup could be.

If you think makeup is art, then taking care of one’s skin is prepping the canvas just so, in order to create a masterpiece.

These days though there is a lot of mixed feelings towards using products that have been tested on animals, and you would be shocked that some of the biggest brands like MAC, L’Oreal, Clinique and more all test on animals.

Now, there are alternatives that are completely organic and do not test on animals, but the flip side to them is that they are mostly expensive and out of our budget.

However, here is a list of 4 brands that are not just cruelty- free but won’t make you go bankrupt either:

1. Vicco Ayurvedic:

I can personally vouch for their Vicco Tumeric cream and say that this stuff actually works.

Please, don’t get all judgemental and say that Vicco Turmeric is so tacky and just down-market.

It might be all of those things, but the cream is also cruelty free, vegan, natural and completely affordable.

Their 50g tube is just for INR. 173/- and considering the fact that the tube lasts a long while, it is a smart investment to make.

They also have other products for skincare worth checking out.


2. Lotus Herbal:

Another cruelty-free and since it uses herbal ingredients it does not test on animals.

Their sunblocks are pretty popular and do not cost a mountain.

Apart from that they also offer a wide variety of skincare products at affordable prices.

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3. Omved:

Omved is a brand that is known for making products using natural ingredients, packaging that is biodegradable and even the ink used on the labels and all is water based.

They are also in the official PETA India list for brands that are cruelty-free.

Their products start from a very affordable range of INR 270.

4. Soulflower:

This is a brand that I have only recently heard about, but if you are looking for a place to get essential oils without having a huge bank balance, then Soulflower is the place.

Their products start from a budget of INR 250 and even still most of their products stay under the 1000 range.

So you get good, organic, natural and cruelty-free skincare without having to spend a fortune.

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Sources: PETA India, Femina 

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