By Iffat Fatima Rizvi

The beginning of the end is here for ‘Game of Thrones’ fans. The 1st episode of the final season came out at 6:30 am and left the avid fans craving for more.

It contained some of these pretty strong clues for the future course of action in the final season:

  • The episode began with Jon and Daenerys Targaryen arriving at Winterfell and the common people appearing to be not too impressed with her big ‘saviour’ entrance. Then entered the dragons, scaring the daylights out of most of the people of the North, but piquing Arya and Sansa’s interests, though for different reasons. Daenerys’ smile on their entrance itself feels like Daenerys is going dark, slowly but strongly.
  • Her welcome by Sansa, courteous yet cold, sets up the stage for a major conflict between the Lady of Winterfell and the Dragon Queen with Jon having to choose sides. He has to support either Sansa who is giving up her home, her people and her position of power to someone she barely knows or Daenerys who is facing hostility from people she thought were already hers.
  • The scene where Davos proposed a marriage between Daenerys and Jon has a heavy indication of things going very wrong when we consider what Varys said looking at the happy couple: “Nothing Lasts”. A pretty cryptic line to be thrown around, considering the fact that Jon and Daenerys are supposed to be the epic romance of series.
  • The situation worsened for the happy couple after their first dragon ride. Jon found it suitable to eye her dragons as he kissed the ‘so-called’ love of his life. Giving us clues about what comes next.
  • A theory called the kidnap plot, says that Sansa will be kidnapped, most probably during the battle and taken back to King’s Landing, bringing her story to a full circle. Jon might have to borrow or steal a dragon to save her.
  • This theory is further propagated by Cersei sending Bronn to Winterfell. If he can be sent to kill two men, he can also be tasked with kidnapping a woman; or another man could be sent to complete this task…

(This ties in with the previous storyline where Sansa dreamt that her brother Robb will come to save her from the Lannisters like her knight in shining armor. It would be typical of George RR Martin to twist her expectations on their head and give Sansa her savior when she has just about given up heroes and knights.)

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  • Talking of Jon and Sansa, their argument once again ended with a declaration of faith on Sansa’s side which seems like a call back to their last argument which ended with Jon promising to protect her.
  • Jon and Arya’s much-awaited reunion further drives the theme of Jon having to choose a side and Arya clearly stating the one she’s on. When Jon reminds her that he’s their family too, Arya says “Don’t forget that”. This sound especially ominous considering the episode ends with Jon learning that he is not a Stark at all but the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.
  • There is a theory called the ‘Political Jon theory’ which proposes that Jon ‘bend the knee’ for Daenerys to use her help in the Great War and might betray her the same way he betrayed his previous lover Ygritte. Daenerys’ proclamation of “we can stay here a thousand years” sounds dangerously close  to Ygritte’s “I don’t ever want to leave this cave, Jon Snow”
  • Euron Greyjoy finally succeeded in claiming the queen and his next goal seemed to be impregnating her with his child except for Cersei already seems to be pregnant with her brother’s baby; but at the same time we observe she was still drinking wine, so her pregnancy could have been a false plot to keep Jaime tied to her. What Euron lost by his latest achievement is his prized prisoner, his niece Yara Greyjoy who saved by her brother Theon, again foreshadowed Sansa being saved by Jon.
  • Ned Umber’s death in the latest episode is also a clue for if you look in closely, the way his body is arranged on the walls resembles very closely, the Targaryen sigil, recalling the theme of Ice and Fire.

What follows next in this conquest of The Iron Throne is a story to be unveiled next Monday and frankly “WHERE ARE THE HACKERS?


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