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17 missed calls from Mom


By Ishita Sood

worried_mom_cara_sqWell jokes apart, I am a good student. Seriously! That’s the truth. I am a good girl who follows all the classroom rules like keeping my phone on silent during the lecture. And I did the same during the last lecture this fore noon. And just like an obedient student I exited the class after the teacher had left and rushed towards the library. And there I was sitting in the library completing my assignment that was to be submitted after the lunch at two. ‘If I keep myself focused I can complete it in ten minutes’ I thought. But how can I keep myself focused when there are these hot guys constantly coming in my sight and the class topper is studying so deeply that scares me of the forthcoming exams. And in all these distractions I completed my assignment in thirty minutes. Yuhu!

I was ready to chill for rest of the lunch break. While moving out of the library I took my phone out and OMG! There were 17 missed calls. As I dared to check who these were from I only wished it wasn’t mom. And there it is “Mumma” all 17 of them. I used to talk to my mother every afternoon to assure her that I am fine, my heartbeat, pulse, blood pressure and everything else is normal and I am alive! But it just slipped out of my mind today and I am dead.

By now my mom must have called dad and told him the entire scenario so far and also would have started guessing nonsense reasons like she must have hurt herself and would have to be rushed to the hospital, or she must be punished in the principal’s office or she must have eloped! And then comes my friend and tells me “Hey, your mom called. You aren’t answering her calls. I told her that I didn’t see you after the class. Is everything okay?” Is everything okay! How can everything be okay?

I live in 21st century India. I have to talk to my mom every afternoon to tell her that I am not sad on encountering a partial teacher this semester or there weren’t any bunch of guys chasing me all the way to the college. I have to assure her that I’ll reach home by seven before it gets dark, because you know hell happens after it gets dark. And I have to take tips from her like don’t go alone into some room or always be with your girlfriends a hundred more times. This is all I wanted to tell my friend but coward me, all I said was “Everything is fine, I was quite busy”.

Sheepishly I went to a corner and called my mom and the conversation went like this “Why didn’t you call?” “I was in the library completing my assignment” “What type of assignment is to be done during lunch break?” “The type that weren’t completed at home” “Homework is to be done at home. You know I got so tensed” “Yeah I know. I’ll be home early today. Bye”. Phew! Felt relieved.

Well facing mother’s seventeen missed calls is tough which leaves me wondering that is it my parent’s over protectiveness, my impatience or society’s ill behaviour that makes my mom feel tensed in such situations?



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