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16-Year-Old Stock Analyst: Hussam AlZahrani


Hussam had business oriented mind from the start. His initial business activities included selling ice creams when he was eleven, and later, dealing in Playstation accessories. Hussam had a steady income of profits from these small business ventures. This was accompanied by unrelenting support of his parents, which also bolstered his confidence.

Ultimately, Hussam came across Saudi stock market. He had no idea about the essentials of stock market and it was a great gamble as he had to weather daily changes brought by the market. But having the passion to make his mark in stock market, Hussam experimented in various shares. Hussam had diversified investments in a variety of well-performing companies. With the defined goals and sheer commitment, he did not panic because of the temporary setbacks, inherent to the stock market. Also, Hussam practiced patience and avoided myopic thinking and set long term goals. Sticking to one strategy, he learned to do the technical analysis of stock market which basically involved examining supply and demand of market shares by analyzing past trends, patterns and charts. Upon mastering technical analysis of stock market, Hussam began teaching courses in this particular method of stock market analysis. Hussam has a steady income coming from teaching this course. His course is helping many people tread the treacherous path of stock market, and they are getting positive results on their investments by avoiding risky investments.

His success in the stock market provided him with enough motivation and capital to start my his company. Hussam started a clothing brand, Eager, in 2019. It is based in Saudi Arabia and provides high quality and cheap clothing to a wide array of customers.

Hussam was also a bright student in school. His quick learning abilities enabled him to continue side business while securing 99.8% in high school, with first division. He has plans to pursue a doctorate degree in artificial intelligence. He has chosen this particular degree because this field will hold greater sway in future. Besides, stock markets the world over are using intelligent A.I. programs to predict vagaries of stock exchange. These programs have reduced the risks involved in trading shares in stock markets. With our country envisioning to catapult into a digital age, as envisioned in Saudi Vision 2030, pursuing a degree in this field will prove immensely beneficial in the future.

Similarly, Hussam has seen many talented students wasting their talent due to lack of career counselling. This is accompanied by parental pressure; parents wish their offsprings to pursue degrees of their choosing. This is counterintuitive as students do not usually excel in fields contrary to their interests. This is where his example comes in. His parents were very supportive of what he aspired to do; they always supported against all odds. They helped pursue his niche and now he is satisfied with what he has done so far. So, he suggests parents to give their children freedom in pursuing their careers. With the digital technologies available in every household, children are likely to take great interest in pursuing their careers in these fields. And parents should not stop them, rather they should encourage them.

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Hussam Al-Zahrani

City: Jeddah State: Makkah

Country: Saudi Arabia

Official social media accounts : https://www.instagram.com/tnt

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