January 11: Recently 109th Zonal Railway Consumer Meeting was held in which honorable ZRUUCs of the zonal & other representatives were present. The entire program was led by the respected General Manager of North Eastern Railway, Shri Anupam Sharma. All the respected members were welcomed to the program. The honorable member Sachin Mishra was presented with a memento by the Deputy General Manager, KC Singh.

This meeting was organized for the welfare of the railway services for future development. Zonal Railway Consumer Advisory Committee meeting Member Sachin Mishra gave 4  evolving suggestions that attracted the attention of the members of the committee. Here are his suggestions:

The initial suggestion was to mandatory follow the PLASTIC WASTE MANAGEMENT RULES of authorized entities under 2016. 

The next suggestion emphasized by him was for all the stations to install retention walls before & after 5kms as the cases of animal deaths are increasing due to carelessness. 

Thirdly, it was suggested to recommended for all the Zonal Members including the Railway Minister, to provide the arrival & departure notice of the officer to the passengers. As it will allow the passengers to share their suggestions that could help in making the services more beneficial. 

Last but not least, while keeping in mind the passenger amenities, It was suggested that once in a month, a discussion meeting should be held with officers of all the divisions. 

After the whole conversation came to an end, Mr. Sachin Mishra was highly encouraged by all the members of the committee. The General Manager of the North Eastern Railways, Anupam Sharma, expressed gratitude & assured them to implement the suggestions he discussed in the meeting. These suggestions will help the Northeast Rail Services of the country to grow on top in the coming years.


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