Going back home from college is always exciting. It’s the best remedy for homesickness. It’s soothing. But is it really?

It is none of the aforementioned things, I tell you. It’s actually a bitter-sweet experience. Now, let me strip this make-believe illusion from you.

Here are the 10 things you’ll surely face when you go back home from college:

1) Initial Excitement: It’ll start with your WhatsApp status changed to “HOME :)“. As soon as the initial sweet period of ‘Oh Wow! Home Food‘, ‘Oh Wow! My room‘, ‘Oh Wow! Clean Washroom‘ ends, your excitement will settle down like a sediment.

2) What’s that?: Just when you enter your house, there’s something unusual. You’ll feel like the whole room setup has changed. Well, it might be nothing for your parents but it is surely a big thing for you. Your room may as well have been turned into a storeroom. You feel betrayed.


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3) Regress and Regret: No matter how mature you’ve become at managing everything on your own in college, you’ll relapse to the form that you were before leaving for college. Parents shouting at you to behave properly. Uh, this is puberty all over again.


4) Personal space: Personal and Parents are not very far away in a dictionary. But when it comes to explaining your parents the meaning of privacy, there are like: “Jab kamaane lagna tab privacy rakhna”

5) Friends Reunion: All the planning that you may have done, will never turn out as expected. There is that one person who is always busy. And even if you do manage to pull off the reunion thing, there will really be nothing left to talk after the usual “how are you and how’s college-stuff.”

6) Dodge That Classmate: The probability of bumping into a classmate-turned-stranger is high and it increases as you hang out more through the city. Ugh, is that him? What do I do? Do I ignore him? Or do I say hi? A ‘hello’ would be enough… wtf! He ignored me. 

7) Bored Af: After watching a dozen movies, scanning through farewell photos, looking yourself in the mirror for so long that you start feeling something unusual about your ears, cleaning your nails and then finally cutting them off and after all those weird things you could do to stop getting yourself dumped in the valley of boredom, you’ll eventually surrender.

8) The obnoxious aunty next door: Aur beta kaise ho? “Theek” Aur padhai kaisi chal rahi hai? “Theek chal rahi hai” Aur sab theek hai? “Theek hai” Aur batao?”Blah blah”… aur batao…blah blah… and the loops goes on with many unwilling “Theek” and repetitive “aur batao”.

9) Do something, at least: Your parents will change their tone from “Aww, you’ve become thinner, it must’ve been the mess food” to “Don’t just lay on the bed with your laptop all day, go out… register for some workshops… at least do something.” But honestly, do one thing, get your return-train-tickets reserved beforehand. It’ll soothe you.

10) Ah! The childhood: Unfortunately, as a kid, we all had wanted to become an adult as soon as possible. And with this urge time passed; managing our day to day lives, putting the jumbled fragments together, we grew up into a person we didn’t want to.

Then one day you realize, the neighbouring kids have taken your hideouts; your playgrounds; your games and your childhood when they call you “a bhaiya or a didi”. You don’t like this obvious revelation and just want to get back to your peers, to your college which is oblivious to the changing times.


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