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10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet Today!


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1. It’s the best feeling when you adopt, not buy, but adopt a pet. Adopting a pet mean that you are not buying him/her based on their breed or pedigree, you are not getting the pet for status or show-off. You are getting them, because you want to give the animal a good and better life, a loving home, with no ulterior motive.



2. Adopting a pet from an animal shelter can free up space for the other stray animals that are deprived from being entered into a shelter as it is already overflowing with animals.




3. In comparison to purchasing a pet, adopting one from an animal shelter is quite a bit inexpensive. And if you adopt a slightly older dog or cat, there’s a good chance s/ he is already fully vaccinated and neutered.



4. At an animal shelter, you can or the animal can choose you. As in, there is a wide range of animals and you can choose whoever best fits your personality, no matter how unique it might be.



5. The best part will be those big, innocent eyes looking up at you filled with adoration and gratitude for as long as you shall live.



6. Little kids can learn compassion and sharing if you adopt a pet, they will also learn the plight of homeless animals and this will teach them to be more humane and try to do good for other homeless animals.

credits: pabloarizti.wordpress.com
credits: pabloarizti.wordpress.com


7. A lot of the slightly older pets are already house trained and potty trained. So, that frees you from having to go through finding little surprises all over the house.



8.  Older people can have a companion in these pets and some older pets can be very easy to take care of as they do not require as much physical exertion and attention than compared to younger animals.



9. There are also shelters which kill animals that are not adopted within a specific time-span and well, you don’t want that do you!

So…go, run and adopt a pet as soon as possible. Also, pets have proven to be very effective in lifting depression, loneliness or low blood pressure. They give you a reason get up in the morning.



10. It feels great to save an animal from a life of loneliness and the unconditional love and loyalty that you will acquire in return. There are no words to how complete and fulfilled such a little gesture can feel. Just imagine, the feel of a kitty asleep and purring quietly in your lap, or the insistence of a dog to go for a walk or run outdoors, and the pet is just the motivation that you need to start that exercising regime that you’ve been putting off for a long time.




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