As a college student it has always been difficult waking up early morning for classes. Winters making it all the more difficult.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am totally not a morning person. I hate mornings and I always look like a zombie and get easily irritated if someone tries to talk to me early in the morning.

The struggle is real!

Well, that’s just one struggle. Here are other morning struggles of a college student:

1. That Alarm, Ugh!

I know every college student has had that feeling. Crushing the clock or the phone as soon as the alarm buzzes in the morning.

Every day morning struggles when the alarm clock is our biggest enemy!

Then when you finally realise how precious your phone is you just deal with the noise and let it be. Snooze for the win!

2. It’s So Warm!

If only the world could function with everyone working from their rooms, all cosy in their beds.

All of us have been there! Isn’t it?

Alas, world ain’t a wish granting factory.

3. Is It Cold Out There?!?

We all have been here, haven’t we? Peeping out of the window and realising how cold it is in winters.

Point made!

Ah, winter mornings! Screw you!

4. Ew, My Breath.

Another reason to hate mornings all the more. We all struggle with it.

Like waking up wasn’t enough that now I have to brush too? 

5. The Bathroom Is Sooooo Far!

The *bathroom is far, let me just sleep* look

Ugh, the ultimate struggle. Choosing to stay warm in the blanket or actually going to the damn washroom!

Oh, please don’t tell me that the washroom is just there. I am a college student, like waking up isn’t enough!

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6Did My Class Get Cancelled?!

A text I always hope I hear early morning in the bed.

Especially if you have early morning lectures and you live far away from college.

7. “COFFEE!”

When is this thought not in my mind early in the morning? Please tell me it’s not just me? 

Exactly what we need in morning.
Coffee? Coffee! Period

God Bless you, coffee! You are the real MVP.

8. I Need To Dress Up?

Another struggle. I am not one of those keeping outfits ready at night for the next morning kinda person.

So, if it’s always difficult managing to dress up nicely and then reach class on time. It’s always one thing from the two. Choices!

9. How Can I Make It To The Lecture Without Having To Talk?

Morning struggles.
When someone is trying to have a conversation with you in the morning, and you can only process about three words at a time

Pro advice is wear earphones and carry a *bitch-face*. Works every time!

Phone is my best friend, always saves me.

10. Go Back To Sleep.

Sometimes, all college students need that day where you can just lazily chill at home without worrying about lectures.

But argh, attendance! Damn you, mornings!

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