Fond Of Wildlife? Missed The ‘Wildlife Week’? Here’s A Quick Lowdown

Wildlife Week was celebrated all over the country from 2nd to 8th October with the view to preserve the fauna which is precipitously numbered.

When the Government of India envisaged a Wildlife Week, the aim was to arouse the interest of the general public for the environment and those little beings which inhabit them. They wanted to make the people aware of the importance of protection of wildlife and also emphasize on their peaceful co-existence with them.

Therefore, it was decided to dedicate an entire week to celebrate and hail these creatures by organizing special activities connected with wildlife conservation.


The objective of celebrating Wildlife Week lies in the discussion of issues related to the preservation of wildlife.

A number of activities were held, this Wildlife Week, to commemorate this week and a list of some is mentioned below:

Mahindra Chaudhary Zoological Park, Chatarbir, observed the entire week by giving free entry to the visitors which would act as an incentive for the people wanting to visit and that they would drop in huge numbers. Besides this, painting competitions were organized for school children.

The Nature Conservation Society and the Tamil Nadu Forest Department organised a nature camp at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve with as many as 62 students participating in the event. A bird watching trip was another lucrative feature of the camp.


Many new initiatives such as launching of websites of Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Corbett Conservation Plan and Nandhour Conservation Plan were undertaken.


At the Malsi Deer Park, a photo exhibition was organised in the auditorium of the forest department. A photo workshop was held for wildlife enthusiasts.



Kudos to the government for such a good initiative of the Wildlife Week!



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