WhatsApp has a lot of hacks and tricks in order to make it easier for us to use all its features, but most of the time we remain unaware of them.

The latest one to surface would be that WhatsApp allows you to hear the voice notes you receive from your earpiece instead of the speaker like it usually does.

Voice notes, while useful as they might be, are an obstacle when you get them in public and either you do not have earphones or cannot reach them at the moment.

In that case, it becomes difficult to hear those voice notes and respond to what they are asking and all without broadcasting to all the people nearby.

This new feature though, allows you to hear a voice note just like as if you were talking to someone on the phone.

How To Use It

To be honest, this feature has been in the android phones for quite some time now and there is no update or anything you need to do in order to use it.

All you have to do is, go into your chat, find the voice note, press play and instantly put it to your ear.

The second you do that, it will automatically transfer the sound from the speaker to the earpiece and you can hear that person in a more discreet and private manner.

It will look just like as if you are talking to someone on a call.

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Voice Notes Features

Apart from this nifty one, there are several new and upcoming features that will make sending and making voice notes extremely easy.

The ‘lock’ feature for voice messages is already out wherein while recording a voice note, you have the option of locking it so you don’t have to keep the recording button pressed for the entire duration of the note.

You can do this by dragging the button up to the top to lock it and this allows you to freely record the message without being afraid of it being sent by mistake if you take your thumb off the record button.

WhatsApp is also working on new features like allowing you to listen to voice notes before sending it along with also saving a voice message automatically if it gets interrupted in the middle.

Why This Feature Is Good

The ability to hear a voice like a normal call without having to open it up for the entire world to hear is definitely an interesting one.

Not only does it keep your private affairs the way they should be, but this feature can also be useful when travelling at night or alone.

You can simply turn on a voice note and hold it up to your ear and it will sound as if you are talking to someone, hopefully, thereby diverting any unwanted attention you might have been getting.

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Sources: Times Now

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