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What Is The Future Scope Of Studying Oil & Gas Management?


Rising consumption of oil and gas impacting the economic growth has been instrumental in shaping the world as we see it today. So has increased the demand for professionals in this industry. This blog will guide you about the career scope with a degree in oil and gas management. 

1. Advanced process control systems engineer in blending and movement automation: 

Engineers provide engineering expertise by supporting facilities to run on accessible, accurate, and reliable inventory refineries to process medium crude oil-producing gasoline, benzene, diesel, and para-xylene.

They design packages and give engineering assessments for troubleshooting and root cause failure analysis. They serve as a key contact point for projects and maintenance activities by delivering technical training as required in their area of expertise.

Assessing and reviewing failures and providing design concepts as per the specifications by analyzing installation, integration, and maintenance components are some of the things they do.

2. Sustainability Reporting Analyst: 

In this job role, you would be identifying and tracking the latest trends in sustainability reporting standards, regulations, practices, and frameworks. You have to prioritize and identify the organization’s key sustainability issues by conducting a materiality analysis to assess the organizations existing sustainability performance.

You have to draft the company’s strategic position on external reports, key insights, and whitepapers in accordance with the latest climate and sustainability regulations.

Your job is to ensure the appropriate performance of measurement systems and internal controls to support and maintain sustainability reporting assurance and integrity.

Keeping an eye on the latest trends and technologies to recommend courses of action to improvise the process. Facilitate coaching to the management to stay updated in the sustainability domain. 

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3. Project Control Manager: 

They provide technical input and assistance at the beginning of the project to ensure that the project will be completed in a stipulated time and budget. As a project control manager, you will have to coordinate to prepare construction schedules to obtain data and reports to the level of details that are deemed appropriate.

Preparation of chart in accounts to liaise with relevant staff, and ensure effective implementation of budgeting, planning, and cost control on assigned sites. They advise on weight factor calculations for the preparation and implementation of the progress monitoring system.

Reviewing cost reports, checking the accuracy, monitoring data, and integrity by comparing actual spending with a budget to manage any variations and implement quick remedial actions. They carry out periodic visits to the site to stay up to date with progress.

4. Global Oil Supply Specialist: 

Developing a robust liquid supply forecast on a country basis while considering its long term impact on the political environment, monetary investment, and the nature of assets available to avoid their decline rates.

They analyze well, field, and basin reports to determine production statistics and results that could affect a country’s oil supply hampering commercial development, marketed crude stream, crude quality outlook, and reserve growth. The supply specialist understands the interplay of the numerous variables that affect the supply.

There is an immense scope of studying oil gas and energy management courses in today’s world. You can expect a lot many job roles like reservoir engineer, database engineer, procurement specialist, and many others. 

So, if you think you are interested in working to restore the legacy of this declining resource, enroll yourself for an oil, gas and energy management course.

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