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What Can You Tolerate : Watching A Woman Stabbed To Death or A Couple Kissing Each Other ?



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If only piss would be kiss with a ”K’, it would be OK to do the latter one in public. India is a country full of potholes and taboos. We are well programmed not to mention anything about sex in public.  In fact, while filling application forms, some people feel a slight giddiness inside when sex is asked instead of gender. You know who you are.

Now, I’ll not talk about the origin of Kama Sutra and all that sculpture stuff, we know that and act like we have done a horrible thing by inventing it which shouldn’t be discussed now like Germans don’t like to talk about the Hitler and the Holocaust. Whenever something about sex creeps in our conversation we either raise our eyebrows or subtly change the subject.

Unspoken Rules

We have made certain rules on how to act in public like honking so hard on the traffic lights that no one fails to abuse you, breaking the line and then making a dozen more changing columns into rows and burping so loud with an Aum sound at the end, that even your ancestors can hear about your digestive powers.

But by any chance, if you see a couple holding their hands or pecking each other, stare at them till your both eyes pop out with a look of contempt as if they had committed a blasphemy.

How ignorant of them it was, to not know that you are ok seeing someone dropping his pants to shit along the railway lines but it is NOT appropriate for you to see people pecking their loved ones in public.

The irony is, the things which aren’t frowned upon are herding around an accident and not helping, witnessing eve teasing and ignoring it, defecating in open fields, squirting all your phlegm with a mighty thrust in front of a hundred people, men urinating along the streets and flashing their manhood and what not.

Where is Hindu Mahasabha? 

The recent murder of a 22-year old woman, Karuna by her ‘supposedly’ innocuous stalker, where a woman is stabbed was witnessed by many but opposed by none. Of course, the culprit was later chased and beaten up because people don’t have the gall and balls to do anything to stop something in the first place, we wait for the incident to happen and then we chase down the culprit or if failed to do so then we show off our “giving a damn” attitude on social platforms.

It is something to think about that those Hindu Mahasabha guys would never show up to rally against such incidents. They only come out of their hibernation on 14 February when the couples are assumed to sacrilege their so-called beliefs.

I remember once, Shukla uncle(my neighbour, completely useless) threw stones at a dog couple which were in a compromising position. When my eyes met his, he said, ” ashleelta faila rahe hai ye kutte”.

There are many such uncles and aunties which will give you hours of long lectures on public display of affection but when they are told about eve teasing and any such incidents, they will say- Ignore Kr Beta (which means I don’t have an answer to such things as things have been this way only).

But there is also a limit to public display of affection, you can’t just pound on each other in public or show off your tongue’s flexibility.

We have come from a generation when fluffing of two flowers signified copulation, showing any kind of affection in movies was completely off the table. You can’t talk to a random girl on the road but can readily suggest her to improve her propriety according to the Indian culture. You can’t say the word sex, it renders your mind evil. Sex is like the Voldemort of Harry Potter series whose name can’t be taken.

If you are bold enough to stop two persons pecking each other in parks, then you should also stand up for the events which should actually be in constraint. 

You should stop the next eve-teasing you encounter, men urinating on the streets or people throwing off the litter on roads. As such events also don’t go with the “Hindu ideology”. 

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