There has been a lot of talk of ‘smart’ identity cards being introduced in Delhi University lately. To be honest, it’s hard to associate the word ‘smart’ with Delhi University, but we might actually see DU turn smart in the years to come if these smart ID cards do get approved.

In a meeting that took place last week, the standing council of the admissions committee of Delhi University made a proposal to issue ‘smart’ identity cards to the students from the next academic session.

Mr. Rajeev Gupta, Dean of Student Welfare and chairperson of the committee said that the objective of this move was to bring uniformity and improve the overall infrastructure of the University.

What are these ‘smart’ ID cards?

Smart identity cards will come with a ‘special chip’ and will also carry the logo of the college. This chip would help track the entry and exit of the students from the college.

In the future, these cards might be integrated with metro and local buses, which would help the students get the much-demanded ‘student discount’ in local transport.

One of the members of the committee, Mr. Rasal Singh, who is also a professor at Kirori Mal College said that these cards would help reduce fake admissions, referring to cases where students enroll themselves in multiple colleges.

The cards would also be integrated into the college libraries to keep track of the books issued to students. In addition, they will also be integrated with the health centers to avail various facilities.

How soon can we expect these to be official?

The proposal made by the admissions committee requires approval from the academic council.

Once the academic council approves the proposal, the university will have to accelerate the process for setting up the required infrastructure to issue these smart cards.

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The Vice-Chancellor of the University could also make use of his emergency powers to pass this proposal, which could mean the early implementation of these smart cards.

Taking the above points into consideration, we can expect it to be implemented by the next academic year. Since they will be issued in July after the admissions are done, the University has plenty of time to prepare itself for the change.

Other proposals also discussed

In the meeting of the standing council of the admissions committee of DU, other proposals such as the implementation of ‘online calculator’ was also discussed.

The purpose of this calculator is to determine the number of marks a student has attained for the particular course that they are applying for.

Along with this, the possibility of capping the number of sports and extracurricular activities that the students can apply for was also discussed.

DU is also considering reservation for students coming from rural areas as well as government schools.

While a lot of these proposals are in their initial stage at the moment, we can expect them to be implemented sometime in the future.

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