Watch: Songs From Video Games That You Must Add To Your Playlist ASAP

Take a deep dive into an untapped portion of the world of video games- music!

Since the moment the gaming industry broke through the niche consumer base and broke into the mainstream, it has become a platform of art unlike any other.

Video games, in essence, have found themselves be privy to an entire barrage of controversies, from arguments concerning its portrayal of violence to its depiction of suggestive themes. Mostly the entire argument convalesces into the same discussion of videogames as a legitimate art source. 

If you are not blind to how video games share their primordial qualities with other traditional forms of art then it should be agreed that video games are, indefinitely, art. Thus, as it goes with art, there exist no bounds of what it can portray and the media it employs. 

It, thus, must not come as a surprise that video games employ the buoyancy of music to further a video game’s narrative or just exist for the fun of it.

Most memorable moments that have come out of video games have only been furthered with the help of music that enables the viewer to transport themselves into the world of the characters.

Hence, the following is a list of absolute bangers from modern video games that you really should include in your playlist and bop away to.

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Which song will you be adding to your playlist? Let us know in the comments!

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