Watch: 8 Actors Who Faced Mental Health Issues After Playing Intensive Onscreen Roles

When it comes to films and web series, we rarely think about how playing a certain role impacts actors and their mental health. We forget that sometimes these actors have to play roles which might be psychologically disturbing, thereby hampering their mental health in the process.

Regardless of being celebrities or powerful personalities, at the end of the day all of us are human beings. 

In fact, acting too affects mental health. It can be a force for good for both actors and audience. For actors it involves deep, lifelong self-searching as well as a safe exploration of emotions. The term catharsis is used to describe the sense of relief/release that comes from expressing strong or repressed emotions.

An empathetic audience can go through a similar rollercoaster as the actors and benefit from emotional release. Depending on the intent of the production they can also benefit from self-knowledge. Shakespeare put it best when he described the whole point of acting a play as being to show the audience the truth about themselves more clearly.

Can it have a downside too? Yes, of course, anything that deals in extremes can have a strong impact – especially where a predisposition or even a mental health issue already exists.

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However, sometimes to play a certain role, the actors really need to get in the character which can prove to be detrimental for their mental health if they have difficulty coming out of it. It’s scary how these actors have to stay in certain roles for such a long period of time. There is no way that it does not take a piece of them. 

Nevertheless, here are 8 actors who faced mental health issues after playing intensive onscreen roles:

Let us know in the comment section if there are any other actors who have been traumatized after playing certain roles!

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