Watch: 5 Fashion Designers Who Changed The Way We See Haute Couture

Haute Couture has been an important part of human civilization post the ancient and pre-medieval era. History states that men and women of royalty, aristocracy and nobility often made fashion statements during their times.

However, then, the fashion was restricted to a certain set of uniforms and dresses which suited the societal demands.

It wasn’t until modern times that the fashion world saw the magic of mixing-matching and innovation. Bygone evening dresses and tailored suits were given new dimensions and effects, making them wearable and trendy. New kinds of apparel for both men and women were developed.

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The fashion world, since then, became highly volatile and with new designers showcasing their talent, the market has become fairly competitive. However, some designers have immortalized themselves with their everlasting trends.

Let us have a look at these timeless designers.

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Sources: Vogue, MSN, Harpers Bazaar

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