We love to see our female leads crying and depressed, don’t we?

Why is it that Bollywood is so afraid of portraying women in a female-oriented movie, as someone who is fun and lives life like a regular person?

I know that women are mostly, extremely repressed and have to deal with patriarchy, sexism, harassment, and assault.

Bollywood usually seems intent on showing women battling with one or another form of repression; either being weepy or as an avenging angel going after her wrongdoers.

Why can’t a woman have a fun and happy life and still inspire millions? Why is it so difficult for Bollywood to make a fun, light-hearted movie where, for once, a woman as the lead is not carrying the burden of the world on her shoulders and is an ordinary girl next door?

It was the teaser of Tumhari Sulu that made me realise how badly we need such kind of a portrayal in female lead films.

Refreshing t’was!

Balan’s Change Of Gear

To be honest, Vidya Balan is one of the few talented actresses to have had the privilege of essaying diverse roles and characters with aplomb.

But after a couple of serious dramas, I am looking forward  to her changing gears, to the light, family and happy lane.

In Tumhari Sulu, Balan portrays a middle-class housewife who through an unexpected turns of events finds herself as a night radio jockey at a popular radio station.

Excited already? ;)

tumhari sulu

As much as we are loving her new avatar, I would like to bring attention to how she is not about being a ‘female lead’, but instead, THE lead, who is going about her business and how these events change and bring new adventures into her life.

Her portrayal of a cute, curious and endearing housewife is something I as a viewer am really looking forward to.

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Women Centric Hai To Thoda Sa Rona Toh Banta Hai

There is a concept that Bollywood sticks to vehemently, that if it’s a woman-centric movie, then it is a must that the protagonist be dealing with some kind of a ‘woman’ issue.

Remember Matr, NH10, No One Killed Jessica, Mom, Jazbaa and many more?

We get it that women are strong and capable of anything, which includes having fun and living a normal life too.

Movies are said to be a reflection of our society, but they can also be a path to how we should transform and introduce new concepts and ideas that we have otherwise been dismissive of.

This, I believe, is slowly coming into being with English Vinglish, Queen, Tanu Weds Manu, and the upcoming Tumhari Sulu where the protagonist (not important whether it’s male or female) lives normally but has her own adventures and experiences.

Slice-of-life, I say.

tumhari sulu

Kahaani, for that matter, was a bit dark, but what must be kept in mind here is that Vidya Balan was not portrayed as a ‘female lead’ but just as THE lead. Her gender did not come into play at all, the plot and direction were focused on the events unfolding, and that was so refreshing.

To be honest, Tumhari Sulu gives me great hope that finally the audience and Bollywood will begin to accept that women can be the perfect lead for entertaining and quirky concepts as well, and not just dark-sad-tough scripts.

Tumhari Sulu poster

It seems that the audience is asking for happy family films to be seen in a group, and Tumhari Sulu could well provide the answer.

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