All the women out there, you must have had travelled in the Delhi Metro’s women compartment at some point in life, and if you haven’t, you should. The reason being, travelling in an all-ladies compartment can be more adventurous and humorous than a Deadpool movie.

The government along with DMRC planned to make a compartment in metro exclusive for female passengers and thanks to the same rule, we get to hear at the metro station, “The first car in the moving direction is reserved for ladies, male passengers are requested not to board the coach reserved for ladies”.

Men think that ladies compartment has made life easier for women but they haven’t thought of the struggles of a girl stuck with numerous others of the same gender but different and sometimes weird habits.

To all the men and women reading this, we bring to you today the types of women who travel in the ladies compartment of the metro rail.

1.    The ones who do all their make-up in the metro

“Aaj Kal ki bhag-daud mein time kam hai aur kaam zyada”, this is very much true for the ladies who have no time and have to do their make-up and hair in metro.

There is always this woman in the compartment who has her entire make-up kit out, irrespective of the quantum of the crowd in the metro. And trust me, she’s not doing touchup, she is there to do her entire makeup and if you want to learn some make-up tips, you can see a live and free makeup tutorial in front of your eyes.

By the way, I forgot to mention, they also comb and do their hairdo within that compartment and I don’t understand that by what magic are they able to maintain their look till they walk out of the utterly crowded metro compartment.

2.    The one who carries her cry baby along

There is one lady in every metro’s ladies compartment who is travelling along with a baby who is crying its heart out.

The baby with her may look cute but he/she is equally devilish and cranks out loud enough to annoy you and to make you pray that your station to come as soon as possible.

And just by chance, if you hate kids, your journey to your destination is definitely not going to be a memorable one.

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3.    The one who talks too loud

We have always seen that one lady in the metro’s ladies compartment who is stuck to her mobile phone, talking to either her boyfriend or talking to someone and gossiping. However, she doesn’t let her talks restrict to herself and the person on the other side of the phone, she talks loud enough to make it reach your ears.

Honestly, it may annoy you for some time but later on, you will be interested in listening to the entire talk and may also wonder about what are the answers on the other side of the convo.

4.    The one who pushes everyone

“Sabko jaldi hai, zindagi rhi toh roz pohochenge”, this is my reaction to those women who push each other when entering the metro.

There are a lot of women who make the very easy task of getting into the metro a tough job by making it an unnecessary tussle. This practice does not only compromise the security of others but also creates a lot of annoyance.

These girls definitely need a jaadu ki jhappi.

5.    The one who can sit in the least space

In every metro’s ladies compartment, there are women who ask you to “adjust” which means to shift and provide them with the minimum space you can so that they can sit which they technically are not able to.

These women are very adjustable and can adjust to any scenario. Even if you give them an inch of space, they will sit down and make themselves comfortable.

Metro travel is an adventure in itself, a journey where you see and meet new people, see their habits, some good, some bad and some worst.

If you are also a metro traveller, tell us about the types of people you encounter during your journey in the metro in the comments section.

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