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Try This App Next Time You Go Partying, Eating OR Anything! – LivED It


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There are tons of lifestyle apps crawling around on the internet. And picking which one to download is no less dramatic than Sophie’s Choice. Nevertheless, after a few installs and un-installs, I finally landed on an app that almost did justice to my needs. And it was called – the Little App.

Little App is not a new name amongst the long list of lifestyle apps in India, but it still hasn’t garnered what’s called as ‘mass popularity’. So obviously, I had my doubts downloading but then I thought why not give it a try.

Here’s a step by step review of what my experience of using Little App was like:

Getting Started:

The app is just 34MB in size, so space wasn’t much of an issue. Right after downloading the app, you’ll be prompted to the registration page. If you have a referral code, you’ll be able to enjoy an introductory discount of 25% on your first purchase.



Next, the app asks for your location. For some reason, the app only has 15 pre-defined locations in Delhi. And when I clicked on the ‘auto detect location’ option, it automatically set my location to Defence Colony, Delhi, while still displaying results from locations nearby me.

Might be a bug of some kind, but it didn’t hamper with my search needs so I let go of it.




Next, you’ll see 5 tabs on the app’s homescreen – Fab Deals, Food & Drinks, Spas & Salons, Things To Do and Hotels. I was feeling hungry, so you know where my finger tapped.

Much to my surprise, the results were very impressive. The app displayed almost all the shops nearby my house from that little Chinese van to the vibrant Bollywood theme restaurant. I don’t know how to say this, but even Zomato didn’t give such accurate results.



And that wasn’t it. It had discounts on it too. It was a total, ‘sone pe suhaga’ moment for me. Buying a deal on Little App is quite simple. You tap on the deal, you pay through PayTM and voila! Success.

Another thing that I noticed about Little App is this tab called – Alive, where you can share and socialize with your friends about whatever you’re enjoying while using the app.



Browsing for more, I clicked on the Things To Do section of the app. Again, great results with super discounts. You could go on browsing for more, I’m telling you the results won’t be disappointing.


LivED IT Score Card:

Alright so my experience with using Little App was pretty great to sum it up (barred the weird location issue). While using the app, the ease with which I was able to navigate onto different deals across various choices was truly hassle-free. It completely understands the need

It completely understands the need of our generation to stay connected and provides the Alive feature to cater to that. Another reason why Little App can come handy is its ability to produce a cashless transaction. While India is constantly targeting a cashless economy, this might come in handy.
Also, it doesn’t require any printouts, unlike most of the apps in its competition. It also allows video reviews which obviously give you the first-hand experience at the user-end.

But I stumbled upon two downsides to the app. First, it only allows payments through PayTM. It’s not really a downside but I think it shouldn’t keep its transaction procedures limited to PayTM and add more options for the user. Another one would be the unavailability of home-delivery.

But I’ll have to say, other than this, Little App landed quite superiorly on my expectations and I would recommend downloading it.

Concept 4.0
User Interface 3.5
Features 3.0

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