Just Imagine, his organization was created to bring “WOW” in people’s lives, helping them attain their desires in the most scientific manner.

Of the many things that have attracted people’s attention the most, the rise of a few entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, creators, coaches, etc., have turned people’s heads the most. Some of these individuals, instead of only focusing on their desires and goals, have made sure to first work around the goals of others and help them understand the true meaning of life. This attitude and approach in life have what led them to become the mentors and guides they are today to people. Who better than Mahesh Toshniwal, aka MWT, to serve as a fine example of one such mentor and life success coach, whose teachings have helped people turn their lives better?

Mahesh Toshniwal is more than what meets the eye. He is a lodestar, sapient, wordsmith, wealthsmith, mentor, and life success coach, who founded his progressive institution and organization in 2014 in Kolkata, India, named Just Imagine. Why Just Imagine, you wonder? Because Mahesh Toshniwal believes that our imaginations have the power to change our lives completely, and it’s high time we understand its potential and influence in our lives. Just Imagine was created with the purpose of bringing the “WOW” in the lives of billions. Through this, he has been helping people attain their desires in the most scientific way via the application of the laws of nature, including Law of Attraction, Law of Reversibility, important verses from manmade scriptures, and also Principles of Metaphysics. His empowering teachings are imparted among people through a variety of ways through Just Imagine, where he teaches how every or any desire can be manifested once people get aware of the working of the mind and can change their lives by changing their thinking.

These teachings lead them towards their desired success and fulfilment in careers, personal life, and other aspects of their lives through the power of imagination. Mahesh Toshniwal’s incredible track record includes him bringing complete relief and wellness to patients with a history of various illnesses and diseases. He has helped companies and corporate houses too attain more growth and glory. His books “WOW! Words of Wisdom” (in English) and “WAAH! Shabdon Ki Mahima” (in Hindi) emphasize the power and energy every word carries and how it can change destinies. This man, through his meditation practices, like the “Imagi-Shield” and the “Imagi-vir,” available on the official YouTube channel, has helped keep people’s immunity intact as a spiritual vaccine.

His thought-provoking sessions, 4-day retreats, 1:1 personal guidance with unique concepts like corporate empowerment program, audio-visual meditations, coveted in-house monthly magazine, and two amazing life-affirming books, investment-related handholding program referred to as the ‘Confabulation,’ and Military-class fitness training or the Global Ninja forum have been upgrading the lifestyle and life of many worldwide.


  1. I happen to be one of those blessed souls, whose life is truly transformed by MWT. We also call him the “The Maestro of Miracles”, I feel honoured and privileged to be under MWT Sir’s aegis since 2015 ! I am grateful to call Mahesh Toshniwal as my mentor and the ‘Just Imagine Way of Life’ as my lifestyle. In these 7 years, I have benefitted generously from his teachings, his ideologies and his hand-holding. He taught me to start ‘seeing myself from my desire achieved’. I was a very logical person and he was the epitome of patience, kindness, divine knowledge and grace for me. He had logical answers based on the teachings of the Law of Attraction and metaphysics to satiate my mind into believing in myself, trusting the process and performing miracles of life on my own under his aegis.
    I feel humbly proud to have been blessed with many successes living my life here at Just Imagine in areas of wellness, wealth and relationships (when i had given up after trying all other worldly ways to succeed). Best part about MWT Sir is that his teachings are backed by the true wisdom of the LAW of Attraction, the principles of our mind and science of metaphysics, so he will guide you in the best way to suit your logical mind, which has always led to success for me, and I can say the same for so many souls on a daily basis who are living life in The Just Imagine Way!
    Mazhar Khan

  2. Mahesh Toshniwal Aka MWT Aka GodFather for me, my life is transformed under his guidance so very by his teachings and principle to live life JI way..
    We are blessed with wow life since 2015, only under his guidance and tools of Just Inagine… and just by following it..
    I and many of us achieved miraculous results..

    Forever Grateful
    Suraj Jhawar


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