This article is obviously written for those elite audiences who barely, hardly or scarcely board a train for traveling. No Matter how much you avoid, ultimately everybody has to sit in a train at least once in their lifetime. There’s no escape.

So here’s something you should keep in mind or keep ready before you board a train in India:


That’s it. You aren’t. End of story.

To be frank and shameless, if you’re looking to empty your bladder then that can be managed. But. BUT. If you’re thinking of emptying your intestine then pursue at your own risk.

Keep a hand sanitizer handy. ALWAYS

That seat you will sit on, that wall you’re gonna take the support of, that window you’re gonna touch: Everything is dirty, unhygienic, and occupied by germs. Always keep a hand sanitizer at your disposal.

Carry a chain lock if you’re traveling at night

“Yatri apne samaan ki suraksha swayam kare.”

If you have a night journey, then don’t forget to carry a chain lock. Loops for tying or locking chains are provided below every lower seat. Remember that it is eaaaaasy AF for someone to take your suitcase and disappear while you’re enjoying your cozy sleep.

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Control your decibel levels

Not everyone is here to have everlasting loud fun. Some might be patients, some might lose their cool and pin you to the ground for singing Jumma chumma de de. (Not a personal experience I swear)

The middle birth rule

If you’re in 3rd AC, there’s always a norm that middle birth can be laid down only when one needs to sleep, or at usual sleeping hours.

However, according to the Railway manual, the middle birth can be laid from 10 PM to 6 AM. Anyways, the custom is that one who occupies middle birth will always have to prioritise other passengers’ wish over his sleeping schedule.

Sed lyf!

Avoid eating/drinking/buying any meal being cooked in the pantry 

Dirtiest place on earth is the pantry car of a train. It is stinky and will make you prefer eating your own vomit than the food being cooked there. Also, never visit pantry car. You won’t make it out alive.

Have a safe and happy journey. LOL as if derailments will let you sleep.

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