If you ask anyone how they became a research scientist or a software developer, you encounter stories of how a professor or a mentor inspired them to carve a self-fulfilling identity for themselves.

There is no denying that college becomes a part of your life even if you are not in the campus premises to relive prized moments of boring lectures, lifetime friendships, and the holy grail of bunking classes.

Ignoring the fact that we are still trying to find ourselves in the “real-world” of corporate life, there is a cluster of reasons why I miss those four years of memorable experiences at UPES (The University of Petroleum And Energy Studies).

The Himalayan Buzz Around Location

UPES is situated in Bidholi which is a rural area lying on the outskirts of Dehradun. Lying in a rural area has its own perks.

The staggeringly beautiful mountains, the landscaping evergreens and the receding mist at night presented a perfect setting where life revolved around college and its students.

You ask any UPESite and they will narrate their experiences rife with adventure either around the Maggi Point or the Suicide Point.

One of the picturesque views etched in every UPESite’s mind must be of the snow-clad mountain from the window of their practical labs or classrooms in the 8th block during the snowfall season in Mussoorie.


D1, D2, and D3 Monikers Outside Campus

We didn’t decide names to mark any criteria for picking our preferences on food just outside the campus.

D1 was the first food-hub outside the campus premises where you could see students chilling out followed by D2 and D3. They are run by locals in the area who effortlessly churn out greasy parathas and honey-chilly potatoes for students who plan to ditch their college meal for the day.


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When Spirits Rose High During College Fests

The annual gaiety around cultural festivals such as Uurja, Ignite, and SPE Fest still resounds with the exuberance that was exhibited by the participating students who passed the acid taste of exemplary managerial skills by carrying out the logistics, creative and administrative part of the festival.

Let’s revel in the growing consensus that the brief period of recreation sustained us with new friendships from different walks of life.


The Striking Diversity

Diversity is hot on our college campus where you can have real interaction with people from diverse groups irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, and age.

There is also an attractive International Foreign Exchange program providing international and intercultural learning experiences to students. Our college campus certainly felt like a door with endless possibilities without the need to travel.

P.S. The 75 percent Mandatory attendance and the aimless gathering in the Amphitheater to have some “me” time still flashes down the memory lane.

When the whole world sleeps, a leopard raises signs of terror to which students wake up to the well-cautioned flyers asking them to put their adventure-seeking curiosities on hiatus.

Sources: Team Explorers from UPES, UPES Website

Image Credits: Google Images

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