The secrets behind this sucess of Mr Rafih Filli lies behind the solid fundamental he abided to while dealing with his signature drink “The Zafran Tea”, let’s dive deeper to extract more from the phenomenal brand story behind Filli Cafe

April 29: The Filli has became a sensation with the grand opening of its headquarters in the Burjuman Business Tower of Central Dubai and incredibly successful brand establishment in United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Canada, India, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United States of America with more than seventy five functional outlets and fifteen franchise stores.

The pivotal point of whole business came from the idea to introduce this World with it’s first and most phenomenal Zafran Tea.  

Since the very beginning of his life Mr. Rafih FiLLi has been always been a very uninhibited, cheerful and fun loving person. During his school life he always had a passion to serve people with his big ideas. To be precise, the name “FiLLi” traces back to his childhood days, where Mr Rafih Filli’s school friends gave him the title of “FiLLi”. 

Who would have thought that this nickname would become a stepping stone for this huge food company and would also acquire the designation of its brand name.

Though proposing the world with a very prevalent concept, Mr Rafih Filli still with his innovative mindset and consistent hardwork was able to take his company to the next level in it’s initial years and later with crossing the borders of several countries he made it an elite “Brand” with his unmatchable offerings in tea & Indian savory. Ideas grew vibrant & more outspoken on becoming the ultimate food brand which everyone was already finding in UAE for their true love for flavours.

Incorporating his intelligence Mr. Rafih FiLLi gradually diversified his product range same as what brand does on getting exposure to people accustomed to different social backgrounds. After revolutionizing the tea culture first in UAE then around the world the “Filli” brand now is on the epitome of Quality Cafe businesses around the world.

Mr. Rafih Filli since the beginning had this vision to take Filli Cafe from merely being just a cafe to a big food brand and he made it happen with his hardwork. Now Filli stands at the summit of food industry around the world and it is hailing the numer uno rank in many cardinal Gulf as well as English countries of the world. 


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