Make-up as a form of art on your face has existed since ancient times and there’s no denying that after we keep finding artifacts or tools to testify to that. 

Terre Verte is an ancient eyeshadow product ‘Green Earth’ that can be mixed with water, a traditional technique that came from the Indus Valley Civilization.

A beautiful shade of jade is formed that can be used on the eyelid gently. It has a light texture and can be paired with smeared soot, which is an ancient technique for the dramatic eyeliner look. 

There are several theories as to why the ancient people wore this and it is most likely to prevent infections while they also could be having some hidden ancient magical powers to protect the people. 

The makeup artist Erin Parsons has painted the face of many modern celebrities and was intrigued to know all about the evolution of makeup throughout the years.

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She experimented with the Terre Verte eyeshadow on her face in a recent TikTok video and demonstrated what civilizations were smearing all over their faces.

“I wiped the green with my finger but couldn’t fit it in the video – it didn’t wipe off!! I was shocked.” – Parsons

Like Parsons, many people take inspiration from our history to glam ourselves with healthy earthy products that do not damage the skin. 

Clearly, there are more than just a few things we can learn from Harappans. 

Many such discoveries of ancient makeup products have occurred in the past and every time it lets us look into our own history and learn something new everyday.

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