Sanjay Dutt has lived a very eventful life, and the public has known most of his follies for the most part. However, his arrest in 1993 for possession of a 9mm pistol, an AK-56 rifle, hand grenades and ammunition and possible involvement in the 1993 Bombay bombings still remains a harrowing time. Although he was later on cleared of the charges, still that time was one that was heavily publicized.

One of the people instrumental in Dutt’s arrest was then Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Rakesh Maria. He had been in the IPS for 12 years and had been the DCP for only 2 year at the time.

As per reports, he cracked the case in less than 12 hours and one of the most shocking revelations was the involvement of Sanjay Dutt in it all.

Maria, who eventually became the Mumbai Police Commissioner (former) spoke about it all in his autobiography “Let Me Say It Now”.

His book really sheds a brutally honest light at what all happened during the arrest.

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Some of these were almost difficult to read, knowing what happened.

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