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I study fashion; got something to say?


If you ever decide to study or work in fashion, chances are that most people will have an opinion about you, and trust me, unless those people are you, your parents, or your teachers, these opinions will be far from the truth of what you actually do. On the upside, these opinions or reactions will be insanely funny. Read on to find out more!

The six year old girl who is hung up on Barbie and Disney:

When you tell her you study fashion, she flutters her lashes at you in confusion. You smile and explain that you study clothes. She gets excited and asks you whether you attend college in a princess dress and tiara. You shake your head in an attempt to clear her misunderstanding, but you have already lost her attention. Now, she is telling you a story about how you are a princess and you ate a poisoned apple.

The starry eyed pre-teen/ early teen girl:

This girl is in awe of you the moment you tell her that you are a fashion student. She probably thinks that you are extremely stylish and glamorous (you wouldn’t mind that, would you?), and that you live the life of a Gossip Girl character. For a moment you believe her and feel great, and then you go back to real life.

The sophisticated mother of the pre-teen girl:

This lady is sophisticated and utters an impressed ‘Ahh…’ when she comes to know of your career choice. She thinks you are different and creative, and introduces you to her daughter right away. And you just tilt your head in gratitude of all the praise, smile and bask in the glory.

The conservative mother of the pre-teen girl:

This lady is conservative and has probably urged her kids to take up something ‘safe’ like engineering or medicine. When she comes to know you study fashion and absolutely love it, it irks her a little bit. What irks her even more is that her daughter admires you for your choices. She probably thinks you are some free spirited hippie who will corrupt her daughter by constantly singing praises for the fashion world. Sometimes she will openly speak to you (obviously in the earshot of her daughter) about the demerits of studying fashion. You try to reason with her, but it irks her even more. So you give up, muttering under your breath and pitying her daughter a little.

The middle aged aunty who claims her dressing sense is bad:

This aunty will smile at you in good humour, point to her dress and fish for a compliment by first claiming how bad her dressing sense is. Then she will ask you to give her ‘style tips’. Well, aunty, I am just a student, it’s not as if I am a stylist. Do you ask engineering students to come fix the light bulb in your house? Then why me?


Disclaimer: The instances described above may bear a resemblance to the personal experiences of the author.



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