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Being a Sciency Nerd in a Design School


Everybody believes that being smart gives way to an easy lifestyle, but stop right there! Sciency nerds surely do have their own issues. It’s really hard to fit in okay when your brain calculates and analyzes every minute of every day!

After being a Sciency till class 12th, instead of joining mainstream engineering I chose a completely different field of design. But once a sciency always a sciency hence the habits remain. It is not that easy to change myself so I tend to divert back to the nerd class room habits once in a while.

These are the few things I experienced when I started college as a sciency in a Design School:

1. The Science Nostalgia:

I love it when a technology teacher comes to teach me, and writes solution as Soltn on the board, it brings the smell of CUSO4 to my nose and brings this smuggish happiness of chemistry on my face.


2. The Contrast Study:

When in the fashion basics class my teacher asks me about the body types, it breaks my heart that the answer is not Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph but rectangular, oval and pear shape.


 3. Incorporating Science:

Since I can’t study science anymore in classes, I try and incorporat it in the drawings I make for assignments. So some of my college projects tend to have a science element in them, like for example to show rhythm as a principle of design I drew DNA structures. Surely did lose a mark or two but the teacher had a good laugh about my scientific creativity.


4. The Natural Talent:

Science gives me a combined super power of mugging as well as understanding things. With that my beautiful handwriting makes my paper worth displaying on the main notice board; my teacher’s words not mine.


5. The Love for Compound Names:

When my teacher teaches textile science and doesn’t name the polymer organic compounds it makes me want to lock my room and cry reading class 12th chemistry book. Because for me Nylon is not just a synthetic fiber, but so much more.


6. The Nerd Look:

A design school doesn’t just mean unique on paper but unique in your dressing etc. also. But not much part of a sciency’s life is gone in looks, so it is quite a task to become a fashionista in dresses and shorts from the jeans and sweatshirt I used to wear with a low ponytail and glasses.


7. The Art of Self Teaching:

Since now nobody really talks about how things work, as it’s about the application and creativity. Photography reminds me of optics from class 12th and I keep explaining to myself the process by which the photograph is actually getting clicked.


8. Love for Books:

Design school is about heavy stationary but not heavy books so; it makes my day when I get a really heavy book to carry around in college.


It is surely hard to adjust in this completely different environment. But it is equally fun to be with a completely different set of people who care about talent and not grades.

So try something new and spread the nerd life.

Nishita Karun
Love to talk love to traveller poems stories all I can babble. Student at Nift read my articles to know more.



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