The 20-year-old black buck poaching case against Bollywood actor Salman Khan has finally found rest with actors Tabu, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, and Neelam getting acquitted by a Jodhpur court.

The prime accused Salman Khan who is alleged to do the actual shooting of the 2 blackbucks and an antelope has, on the other hand, been sentenced to 5 years in jail.

In the judgement as per sources, Khan was found guilty of violating the Wildlife Protection Act by harming an antelope and the hunting of the blackbucks.

The case first came up in October of 1998 when during the shoot of Khan’s film Hum Saath Saath Hai, the main accused and the other actors supposedly went on a hunting trip.

It was during this period only that Salman Khan was accused of killing a deer for which he was acquitted later on.

So let us take a look at a few predictions of how this case will proceed:

1. Bail in one day

Of course, the good deeds of this selfless human will allow the court of law to overlook one small little tiny detail of him breaking the law, yet again.

As Jaya Bachchan said “I feel bad. He should be given relief. He has done a lot of humanitarian work,” that is a perfect reason to not give him any kind of punishment. I mean, doing humanitarian work automatically erases any crime you do and makes you invincible from the law.

To be honest, don’t know what these Bollywood people are getting so concerned over, Salman Khan will most assuredly get bail in the next one or two days. Even 2 days seems like a stretch, it will be tomorrow only that he gets out.

2. Another driver or perhaps there will be some other Helper this time around?

Hmmm… have to wonder who will rise up to the challenge this time and turn out to be the actual criminal here.

Since we have already established that there is no way Salman could have done this, I mean, the evidence is just too much to ignore, then surely someone else must have done it.

And poor Salman is just being a good human and sacrificing his own reputation to save them.

But may the good Lord show the real person the light and finally like the climax of every good Bollywood movie, the real culprit will come forward to save the good man that Khan is. But have to wonder who will it be this time? Another driver, or will the chit show someone else? Perhaps the gardener? Or maybe a security guard?

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3. Supreme Court to the rescue

And if nothing else works, of course, we can always take shelter in the fact that it’s just a lower court that has given this judgement.

Any time now, the Supreme Court will come running like the scared parent of a rich kid trying to get their child out of whatever trouble they have landed themselves in.

So I don’t think anyone needs to worry about Salman Khan or create any campaigns to save him since any day now he will be a free man.

To be honest, while all this is said in a mocking manner, it is really sad to see that almost the entire Bollywood fraternity is not for once thinking that perhaps Salman might have done something wrong. And that doing philanthropic work does not give you a get-out-of-jail card.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: NDTV, Firstpost, Hindustan Times 

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