RIVIERA-2023 hosted by the prestigious Vellore Institute of Technology is coming back after 3 long years and one of its leading chapters IEEE-PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION SOCIETY, VIT is leading the charge with one of the most physically-challenging and fun-filled events of the year-STUDENT OF THE YEAR!

Student of the Year will be a 2-day event comprising of a scavenger hunt, obstacle course, trivia night, and talent show followed by the movie-inspired race.


Scavenger Hunt: Participants will be given hints to pick up on successively after being split into squads to reach first for a red flag. There will be clues spread throughout the campus and the divided teams have to use their logic and mental ability to crack the secret codes to reach different destination for the new clue. The first squad to reach to find the flag wins.

Obstacle Course: Participants will be needed to complete a physically strenuous track and finish first to win. The participants will have to go through several dares like Army Crawl, 3 leg race and cones N footballs. This physical challenge is to reflect the sporty theme of the event!

Trivia Night: Answer rapid-fire questions and stay on top of the leaderboard or complete dares & mime. The theme is Bollywood and the contestants will have to guess the tune and shake a leg on the hook step, rapid-fire rounds and other filmy trivia.

Talent Show: Participants will be required to showcase their magnificent hidden skills and impress the judges to win this contest and move to the final round. They will be judged on several criteria set by the chapter and those who scores the highest points will be allowed to move to the next round.

Sprint Run: The final round is based on the movie with one last shot at the prize where they will have to race for the prize. This short 150m sprint will be the culmination of the event.

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