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QUEEN: A Journey for you & me. Lajpat Nagar Girls are the best.


By Nishant Agarwal

Imagine the plight of a woman who has been ditched by her fiancé a night just before her wedding. She is left with only two options – to keep cursing her luck or else gather strength and move on. Welcome to the world of Rani (Kangana Ranaut) a.k.a Queen, who does just the latter and amidst the turn of events, she discovers what freedom and self-dependence actually mean for a woman.

Queen-2014-Movie-Images-540x377Queen is a rare instance where the film’s script has been totally devoted to the actress who makes it her own and doesn’t allow the need of a male protagonist to be felt even for a moment. Instead of using preachy dialogues, the director uses silence to emote scenes and lives up to it. The nuances and the choice of actors suit the script to the tee.

In its true sense, Queen is a road-map for what not to do when life throws you lemons. Travel forms an integral part of the film. On her lone journey to Paris and Amsterdam Rani meets various people who bring the best out of her. She realizes that over the years she has been living in a closet which barred her from doing whatever she loved to. She finds her own voice, she is able to make her own decisions, she is able to fight for herself…..she is set free!!

Be a part of Rani’s journey. Do watch Queen. Somewhere between the movie you will surely come across a reflection of your own self.



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