Abhiram Singh, Chairman of the PP Educational Group and Candidate of the Gaya Teacher’s Legislative Constituency, has recently spoken out in support of upgrading facilities for teachers in Bihar. In an interview, Singh emphasized the importance of providing teachers with the resources and tools necessary to effectively educate students.

Singh stated that the current state of facilities for teachers in Bihar is inadequate and needs to be improved. He believes that teachers are the backbone of the education system and that without proper support, it becomes difficult for them to provide quality education to students.

The chairman highlighted the need for the government to invest in upgrading facilities for teachers, including providing better infrastructure and technology, in order to improve the overall education system. He also stressed the importance of giving teachers more freedom and autonomy to make decisions about their classrooms and curriculum, allowing them to better customize their teaching methods to their students’ needs and interests.

Singh, who is also a candidate for the Gaya Teacher’s Legislative Constituency, mentioned the need to improve the working conditions of teachers in Bihar, such as providing better pay and benefits. He believes that this would help to attract and retain talented educators in the state.

Many education experts have voiced their support for Singh’s advocacy and hope that it will bring attention to the issue and lead to meaningful changes in the state’s education system. With his support, it is expected that the government will take necessary actions to upgrade the facilities for teachers in Bihar, and ensure that the teachers are provided with the necessary resources and tools to effectively educate students.

It is high time that the government prioritizes the upgrading of facilities for teachers in Bihar and provides them with the tools they need to effectively educate students. This will not only benefit the teachers but will also have a positive impact on the education system in the state, and ultimately the future of Bihar.


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