Delhi is quickly opening its gates to more informal and fun cultural activities such as standup-comedy, slam poetry and street art that are quickly becoming popular things for the youth to enjoy.

Stand-up comedy shows was one of the first things that found their way here with a wide array of cafes and bars hosting special nights focused just on this activity.

However, there had till yet not been someplace exclusively for standu-up comedy artists to showcase their talents even if they have not attained a big name.

That seems to be changing with Playground Comedy Studio which is Delhi’s first comedy studio.

An exclusive space for budding comedians and artists located in the middle college crowd frequented SDA Market, Hauz Khas, the studio has a spacious stage & munchies corner along with being fully-equipped with appropriate lighting and sound equipment for various performances.

With a will to prove that humour is a serious business, Playground Comedy Studio serves laughter and leisure with nerve tickling shows every day in a setup that is bound to give bouts of laughter and a refreshing change.

Currently working with some of India’s best comic performers, it is on its way to bring a paradigm shift in the hang-out culture of Delhi.

Playground Comedy Studio

They are also hosting a new event called Bhokal Tight Hai by comedian Ravi Gupta on May 19th, 2018.


Playground Comedy Studio

C-2, Basement, SDA Market, New Delhi – 110016, Block C 5, Hauz Khas Enclave, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016


6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Promo Code: PCS20 (Flat 20% off)

The word ‘bhokal’ comes from U.P. and is a word which is spoken with an attitude referring to something or someone quite impressive. Ravi Gupta who comes from U.P. has always shared his experience and journey to Delhi from U.P. in a very impressive manner or with Bhokal in better words.

His comedy content is a mere observation of people he is surrounded by and their day to day life.

The artist Ravi Gupta while based in New Delhi is originally from Uttar Pradesh and is a cartoonist who loves everything around humor and all that it entails.

The more he observed stand up comedy; the more he realized he had a calling for it. In addition to his job, he has started performing at various platforms.

These performances have been solo and also with some established comedians. Gupta says that his humor is edgy and touches (usually) on topics that people relate to easily in their daily lives and his comedy is Observational. He is known as the “Shuddh Desi Comic” in the comedy circuit all over the country.

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